SYDNEY - The photographer who took six nude photos of actress Eva Mendes says the pictures have gone missing.

SYDNEY - It's been some time now, but Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne's "very public" love story doesn't seem to leave the spotlight or the front pages even for a moment - but some are left wondering - is it true love or just a cheap publicity gimmick? Warne and Hurley have been very vocal about their mutual affection for each other on Twitter, for the rest of the world to see.

SYDNEY - It appears that Kate Moss will design her own wedding dress, according to fashion mogul Vivienne Westwood.

SYDNEY - Nicole Kidman revealed that she feels love for the woman who carried her second child.

SYDNEY - Silvio Berlusconi's family has reportedly raised questions as to why Cristiano Ronaldo was not charged after Karima, El Mahroug claimed she also had sex with the football superstar when she was 17.ccording to the Daily Mail, Mahroug, also known as Ruby Rubacuori or Heartstealer, allegedly said in a leaked statement that the Real Madrid player paid her 5400 dollars after she had sex with him following a nightclub meeting.nd Berlusconi's family has now asked why the Prime Minister was being charged but not Ronaldo, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.he teenage dancer told prosecutors she met Ronaldo at a club called Hollywood, in Milan, on December 29, 2009, the report said.Ronaldo stopped me - he had a private table in a cubicle.
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