Spielberg movie shoot angers locals from an English village

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Acclaimed Steven Spielberg is presently busy filming his new film and not without trouble.

His filming has caused a moderately hue and cry amongst several village locals in the Castle Combe, Cotswolds.

This 63-year-old genius of a director is presently filming the movie adaptation of War, and as a result, his production crews as well as the involved actors have turned the unspoiled village into a nightmare of the extreme security kind.

The residents of that place have become utterly furious by the severe sets of rules that are being imposed on them. They are naturally very angry and annoyed about the almost military type of roadblocks that are acting as obstacles between them and their own residences. Ofcourse, one can understand, why the local people are justifiably angry.

This ridiculous security has made the townsfolk go bonkers and they would be happy if Spielberg and his crew of paranoid security personnel leave as soon as possible.

The exteriors of several houses have also been changed and have been plastered with fake wisteria. This fake stuff is later attached to them. In other words, people are totally fed up, as how the filming of the show is changing the true form of the village.

– Sampurn Wire

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