Megan Fox Molests Black Baby: Another Hoax?

By Swatilekha Paul, Gaea News Network
Monday, June 21, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( Much acclaimed actress Megan Fox has managed to create quite a stir on the web lately after rumors have become abuzz about the “Transformers” star, which are claiming that she molested a black baby. Although the latest rumor surrounding the actress might come as a rude shock to all her fans, they do not have much of a reason to worry about as the rumor appears to be a hoax. The rumor of Megan Fox molesting a black baby has become a highly searched topic on the web with netizens resorting to the internet to evaluate the authenticity of the rumor.

Despite the fact that the rumor of Megan Fox molesting a black baby has been successful in keeping the web world abuzz, details about the incident has not been forthcoming as none of the news sources or celebrity gossip websites have confirmed the news. As of now, with hardly any details surfacing about the alleged incident, it appears to be the brain work of some gossip mongers who intended to spread the rather bizarre hoax about the actress. However, one thing can be said for sure that rather than coming with the same monotonous death hoax about a celebrity, the gossip mongers have came up with a rather innovative idea this time around. However,

Megan Fox hardly needs any publicity from such hoaxes as the actress somehow always manages to remain in the limelight for some reason or the other. Recently, the ‘Hope and Faith’ star was making headlines for getting engaged to her actor partner Brain Austin Green.

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