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Sunday, May 3, 2009

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Season 6 (20*30’)

Mon-Fri 9 PM

Rpts: Tue-Sat 12AM, Saturdays 11PM (5 episodes back to back)

Genre: Drama/Comedy

An American Girl in Paris (part une)

1st Jan

Before leaving for Paris, Carrie runs into Big outside of her apartment, but she makes it clear to him that she wants him totally out of her life. Ms. Bradshaw then has one last dinner with Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, and it’s clear that the four women know that Carrie’s absence will have a major impact on all of their lives

An American Girl in Paris (part deux)

2nd Jan

After Petrovsky leaves Carrie behind for a second time in Paris, she begins to wonder if she’s doomed to follow in Juliet’s footsteps. Back in New York, Samantha’s chemo treatments are killing her sex drive, and she tries to push Smith away in an attempt to cope with it. Hoping to adopt a baby, Charlotte and Harry host an expectant couple from North Carolina, with the intent of acquiring their unborn child.
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Season 2

Premieres Monday, 19th Jan, 10PM

Rpts: Tue 10:30am, Sat 4pm, Sun 12am, Sun 9am, Sun 10pm,

Genre: Drama

Summer, Kind of Wonderful

19th Jan

In the second season premiere, as the summer draws to a close in the Hamptons, Serena and Nate have everyone fooled into thinking they are a couple to cover up the fact that Nate has been hooking up with a married older woman and Serena has been secretly mourning her breakup with Dan. Blair returns from abroad with a hot guy on her arm making a very jealous Chuck question his decision to leave Blair stranded at the heliport. Dan has spent the summer assisting a famous author but decides to head to the Hamptons to see how things stand with Serena after a summer spent apart. Plus, while interning for Blair’s mother’s company, Jenny sneaks a much-coveted invite to the Hamptons’ White Party, at which Eric introduces her to socialite TINSLEY MORTIMER.

Never Been Marcused 

26th Jan

Blair is over the moon to be dating royalty and has every intention of becoming a royal herself, but a scheming Chuck has other plans for Blair and her new love, Marcus. Serena and Dan agree to keep their recent hookups a secret from their friends and family until they figure out what it means for their relationship. Meanwhile, Nate learns the downside to having an affair with a hot older woman, Catherine, who is married.
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Season 4 (12*60’)

Monday, 10 PM (22*60’)

Rpts: Tue 10:30am, Sat 8am, Sun 9am, Mon 2am

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

The Hub

5th Jan

Colonial Viper pilots plan an attack on the Resurrection Hub with their Cylon rebel allies. Meanwhile Laura Roslin struggles with her morals and ethics as she makes a momentous decision.

12th Jan

D’Anna holds President Roslin and other Colonials hostage in order to draw out the Final Five from the Colonial fleet. Col. Tigh believes he has the solution to end the standoff.

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Season 1 (13*30’)

Thur, 10PM

Rpts: Fri 10:30am, Sun 12pm & 9:30pm

Genre: Comedy
Power Play

1st Jan

Mimi is the new owner of Nolita and Jack goes through every dirty trick in the book to gain control of the restaurant. But Mimi is more determined than ever to run Nolita, a power-struggle between the two enfolds. The two still fight for control over the restaurant and staff but when a surprise health inspector shows up for an inspection, this prompts Jack to try and bribe her and Mimi doing the inspection the honest way. Also, Jim deals with Tanya’s kiss, and trying to keep it secret from Seth who has a history of crazy jealousy.
And the Award Goes to…

8th Jan

Now that Nolita has changed hands and Jack and Mimi are in charge, Nolita is nominated for an EPICURE Award. However, Jack soon realizes that Becky’s restaurant is also nominated for the same award prompting a series of mistrust and hostility towards Jack for welcoming her back into his life. Seth finally discovers Jim’s indiscretion and Ramon sees the Virgin Mary in a Prize Lobster.

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Season 1 (22*30’)

Thursday, 10:30 PM

Rpts: Mon 11am, Sun 12:30pm & 9pm, Mon 2:30pm

Genre: Comedy
Everybody Hates Corleone

1st Jan

The daily beatings at his school have Chris wanting to change schools. But when Julius and Rochelle won’t let him change Chris resorts to attempts at getting himself expelled. Julius gets a job at a fish market. He makes more money, but his family is upset because he always comes home smelling like fish.

Everybody Hates Drew

8th Jan

Hoping to FINALLY out-perform his brother, Chris convinces his parents to let him take up karate lessons. Meanwhile, Tonya goes with Rochelle to the beautician and discovers the fun of gossiping.

Everybody Hates Playboy

15th Jan

Chris finds Julius’ copy of Playboy and takes it to school and charges kids to look. But when Joey steals it he must work out a way to get it back before Julius realizes it’s gone…

Everybody Hates Jail

22nd Jan

Chris must raise cash for the school trip by selling cookies.
Meanwhile Julius regrets sending Rochelle to Dreamgirls while he looks after Tonya and Drew who have chicken pox

Everybody Hates Father’s Day

29th Jan

While Chris finds his dad the perfect gift Julius decides he would like to spend Father’s Day alone…
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Season 2

Friday, 10 PM

Rpts: Sat 7PM, Sun 1PM, Mon 10:30AM, Wed 4PM, Thur 11:30AM

Genre: Drama/Comedy
Dim Sum Lose Some

2nd Jan

Ned is startled when a mysterious man, Dwight Dixon, appears at the diner claiming to be an old friend and associate of his father’s — and asks for Ned’s help in finding him. Meanwhile, Emerson investigates a murder at a dim sum restaurant and reunites with Simone, the polygamist’s widow and dog obedience trainer who once caught his eye.

Oh Oh Oh… It’s Magic

9th Jan

Ned reluctantly agrees to help "The Great Herrmann", a famed magician whose animal assistants are being mysteriously killed off. The magician has been a surrogate dad to Ned’s half brothers ever since their father walked out on them. Meanwhile, Dwight Dixon insinuates himself into the aunts’ lives, but Lily is instantly suspicious of his motives.

Robbing Hood

16th Jan

Ned, Chuck and Emerson investigate the case of a dead millionaire who may have been murdered by his much younger money-grubbing widow… or a latter-day Robin Hood. Meanwhile, Lily fumes as the suspicious Dwight Dixon begins romancing a clueless Vivian.
Comfort Food

23rd Jan

Chuck turns to Emerson for help in dealing with the consequences of her actions, while Ned and Olive compete at a comfort food cook-off that turns deadly when a chef is found deep fried and dead. STEPHEN ROOT appears as Dwight Dixon.
The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

30th Jan

As Ned and Chuck deal with the traumatic return of someone from their past, Emerson, assisted by Olive, investigates the odd death of lighthouse keeper Nora McQuoddy, whose murder could expose some of Papen County’s stranger secrets. 
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Season 2

Premieres Tuesday, 6th Jan, 10PM

Rpts: Wed 10:30am, Sat 8am, Sun 1am, Sun 10am, Mon 4pm
Samson & Delilah

6th Jan

In the second season premiere, rocked by the Jeep explosion on his 16th birthday, John is forced to confront the reality of his destiny alone. And Agent Ellison faces off with his faith and the feds in the aftermath of Cromartie’s massacre.

Automatic for the People

13th Jan

Sarah and Cameron investigate a nuclear power plant. John withdraws from school but opens up to a new friend, Riley. Weaver’s acquires an important piece for her pet project. And recurring guest star BUSY PHILLIPS ("ER," "Dawson’s Creek," "Freaks and Geeks," "Made of Honor") appears as Kacy Cotton, the new neighbor.
Goodbye to all That

20th Jan

John and Derek infiltrate a military academy in order to protect an integral member of the future resistance. Meanwhile, Weaver’s first assignment for Ellison takes an interesting turn of events when he discovers a specter from his own past.
 Allison From Palmdale

27th Jan

A software glitch causes Cameron to forget who she is and she goes missing from the Connors. Taken in by a street kid named Jody, (guest star LEAH PIPES - "Life Is Wild," "The Ghost Whisperer"), Cameron and Jody end up at a halfway house. There, Cameron meets with a social worker who uncovers some of Cameron’s distant memories. Meanwhile, Catherine Weaver meets with Agent Ellison to discuss his future at Zeira Corp, and Ellison does some digging into Weaver’s past.
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Season II returns on Monday, 14th January at 10 PM.

Rpts: Thur 10:30am, Sat 2pm, Sun 11am, Tue 4pm
Safe Havens

14th Jan

Pamela becomes increasingly concerned when her stalker crosses the line by talking to her children. Roxy and Roland exchange words after Roland acts once he learns of Trevor’s addiction. With Jeremy leaving for the first time Denise and Frank share an emotional goodbye. The Holden’s get a visit from an unexpected guest.


21st Jan

Trevor was involved in a minor traffic accident. With their marriage, falling apart Frank and Denise decide to go their separate ways to figure out how they can save their marriage. Frank immediately heads back to Iraq and Denise needs finds a secluded place a to figure things out. Pamela finally may get some questions answered when she comes face to face with the person who is stalking her. Still disappointed he is not allowed to go back to Iraq due to an injury, Trevor is awarded the silver medal.
Thank you for Letting Me Share

28th Jan

Denise decides to do a few unexpected things as part of her new image. Claudia Joy doesn’t get along with Jennifer. While Roland and Joan look for someone to help with the baby, his mother makes an unexpected visit.
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Starts 10th Jan, Saturdays, 8pm – 2 specials back to back

Forbes Top 15 Supermodels: Beauties Who Made Bank

10th Jan, 8pm

We’re counting down the 20 ladies who made the biggest bucks in 2007. From Wisteria Lane to 30 Rock, these women found their niche at night - and they’re cashing in. We’ll reveal how much they earn and how they spend those enormous paychecks. Featuring exclusive interviews with Heidi Klum, Paula Abdul, Kathryn Morris, Tim Gun & Nigel Barker. Celebrities include Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Katherine Heigl, Eva Longoria, Paula Abdul, Vanessa Williams and Terri Hatcher.

Forbes 20 Billionaire Heiresses: Young, Fabulous, and Incredibly Rich

10th Jan, 9pm

Beautiful, stylish and fabulously wealthy, Billionaire Heiresses are the new movie stars of today. Every week, High profile celebutantes are touted in the tabloids with their club feuds, shopping sprees, and romantic affairs. Now in Forbes Top Billionaire Heiresses we’ll look at the lifestyles of these rich and fabulous daughters of some of the most wealthy families in America. The list includes Ivanka Trump, Amanda Hearst and those Hilton Girls.

Forbes Top 20 Under 25: Young, Rich and Famous

17th Jan, 8pm

Forbes 20 Under 25: Young, Rich and Famous is an exclusive list of the entertainment industry’s most sought-after and well paid talent under 25 years of age. From notorious young starlets to champion athletes, we’ll reveal the most powerful mega-careers in the making. As we count down the top earners who were born in the 80s… The list includes Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Daniel Radcliffe, Hilary Duff and Carrie Underwood.

Forbes 20 Cash Queens of Music

17th Jan, 9pm

Forbes’ 20 Cash Queens of Music is an exclusive list of the music industry’s most sought-after and well paid women. From Hip Hop artists like Nelly Furtado & Fergie, to Country Queens like Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, and Sheryl Crow, and Pop Divas like Madonna, Celine Dion, and Gwen Stefani, we’ll count down music’s most fascinating and wealthy women of song.
Your browser may not support display of this image.Forbes Top 20 Young Royals

24th Jan, 8pm

Handsome princes and beautiful princesses are not just the stuff of fairytales. These royal heirs and heiresses have been born into the most powerful and elite families on the planet. Special includes Prince William, Prince Harry, Princess Beatrice, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Theodora, Pierre R. Stefano, Charlotte Casiraghi and Albert Pierre Casiraghi.

Forbes Top 20 TV Cash Queens

24th Jan, 9pm

We’re counting down the 20 ladies who made the biggest bucks in 2007. From Wisteria Lane to 30 Rock, these women found their niche at night - and they’re cashing in. We’ll reveal how much they earn and how they spend those enormous paychecks. Featuring exclusive interviews with Heidi Klum, Paula Abdul, Kathryn Morris, Tim Gun & Nigel Barker. Celebrities include Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Katherine Heigl, Eva Longoria, Paula Abdul, Vanessa Williams and Terri Hatcher.

10 Most Shocking Hollywood Divorces

31st Jan, 8pm

This special counts down the 10 ugliest and meanest celebrity divorce battles in Hollywood. From the cruel allegations to the restraining orders, we’ll reveal the bitter tug-of-wars between celebrity couples who do battle in the courtroom and in the headlines.
10 Most Compelling Mama Dramas

31st Jan, 9pm

In this half-hour special we count down the latest maternal, headline-grabbing stories to hit Hollywood-from infertility dramas, to babies having babies, to pregnant stars bearing it all. If you think hours of mind-numbing labor and changing thousands of dirty diapers is rough, you have to see these scandalous and outrageous mama dramas.
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Season I (13*30”)

Sunday, 5:30 PM

Rpts: Mon 2pm, Fri 4:30pm

Genre: Cookery Show

Pumpkin and Squash

4th Jan

Jamie takes the pumpkin and winter squash from his garden and creates savory and sweet dishes suitable for the fall. Dishes: • Asian Style Pumpkin Warm Salad – Roasted Duck • Butternut Squash Muffins – Citrus Sour Cream Frosting • Pumpkin Soup with Parmesan Croutons – Italian-Style Croutons and Garnished with Crispy Sage


11th Jan

Jamie must forage locally when his mushroom crop at home isn’t bumper, and some of the specimens he brings home are strange indeed, but he puts them to good use in earthy fare such as stroganoff and risotto. Dishes: • Ultimate Mushroom Bruschetta • Venison & Wild Mushroom Stroganoff – Chicken of the Woods Mushroom • Grilled Mushroom Risotto

Peppers & Chilies

18th Jan

Jamie has chillies galore in his greenhouse, and that’s good because he’s addicted to the endorphin rush he gets from the hot peppers. Now he’ll help you make your own mouth burn with an appetizer prepared in his outdoor oven, and two entrées, including one from a homemade smoker. Dishes: • Roasted Peppers with Chillies & Tomatoes – Served over Toast with Fresh Mozzarella and Chopped Raw Chilli for Garnish • Spicy Pork and Pepper Goulash – Served over Rice, Topped with Parsley Sour Cream • Smoked Salmon with Chilli Salsa

Furred Game

25th Jan

Sunday 11PM
Kevin Costner

4th Jan

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Keira Knightley

18th Jan 

David Nixon

25th Jan 
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Season 3: 22*60’

Sat, 10PM

Rpts: Sun 7pm, Mon 3pm, Tue 11:30am

Genre: Drama
I Solemnly Swear

3rd Jan 

Rory is tricked by her manipulative classmate Francie, who convinces Paris that Rory has been plotting against her.  Meanwhile, when Emily is sued by a former maid, Lorelai worries that if she gives a deposition in the case, it will cause more problems with her mother.  Also, Lorelai meets an interesting man, Alex Lesman, at a business seminar.
Lorelai Out of Water

10th Jan

After surprising herself by agreeing to go on a fishing date with her new beau, Alex, Lorelai asks Luke for a lesson in fishing techniques.  Meanwhile, the political battle between Rory and Paris escalates when Paris tries to have Rory impeached.  Lane plots to go to the prom with a guitarist, Dave.  And Luke asks an attorney, Nicole on a date.
Dear Emily and Richard

17th Jan

When Christopher’s pregnant girlfriend, Sherry, begins labor and asks Rory to stay with her at the hospital, Lorelai reminisces about the day Rory was born.  In flashbacks, 16-year-old Lorelai  learns she is pregnant, decides not to marry young Christopher and leaves home with her new baby.
Swan Song

Your browser may not support display of this image.24th Jan

Lorelai goes away with her new boyfriend, Alex, for a weekend in New York, but she worries about leaving Rory and Jess together.  Meanwhile, when Jess goes with Rory to dinner at Emily’s house and refuses to explain his injured eye, Rory accuses him of fighting with Dean.

Your browser may not support display of this image.Face-Off

31st Jan

Tired of waiting for Jess to call and make plans for the weekend, Rory accompanies Lane to a hockey game, where she encounters Dean and his new girlfriend, Lindsay.  Meanwhile, Lorelai confronts Jess about his poor treatment of Rory.  And when Gran comes to visit for a few days, Emily is shocked to find her kissing a man.
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Season 1: 22*60’

Sat, 11AM

Rpts: Sun 8am & 6pm, Mon 7:30am, Thur 11:30am

Slumber Party

3rd Jan

Brenda invites Kelly, Donna and Andrea over for a "night of female bonding." They are having a fab time until Kelly’s bitchy friend Amanda shows up. She insults everyone and decides to turn the girls against each other. As part of a "game" about secrets, Amanda bullies Kelly into describing her first sexual encounter, in which she was humiliated by the football captain. After Brenda recalls stealing a Minnesota friend’s boyfriend, Kelly admits that she tried to hit on Dylan but was brutally rebuffed. Brenda is livid with her now former BFF. The girls eventually make up, and Brenda and Kelly vow to never let a man come between them. Amanda’s behavior is attributed to a diet pill addiction. The girls catch David and Scott lurking outside the window and taking pictures of them. Brandon and Steve are denied entry to a club, but hook up with two girls in the parking lot, who convince Steve to let them drive his Corvette alone. The conniving duo steal his car, but once it’s found, he decides not to press charges (and pays their traffic ticket) because he foolishly thinks that he and Brandon might still have a chance with them.

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East Side Story

10th Jan

The Walshes agree to let Carla, their maid’s extremely intelligent niece, use their address to enroll at West Beverly High. Brandon falls hard for her and doesn’t understand why everyone seems opposed to their relationship. Carla finally reveals that she witnessed a drive-by shooting that claimed the life of a four-year-old; she had moved in with Anna while waiting to testify, with protection from the D.A. Jim and Cindy organize a soiree for his new client, a sportswear designer. Meanwhile, David tries to convince MC Hammer to perform at the school dance.

A Fling in Palm Springs (a.k.a. Palm Springs Weekend)

17th Jan

David invites Steve, Kelly, and Donna to his grandparents’ luxurious Palm Springs home for President’s Day weekend. He is embarrassed to find that his grandparents, who he believed were on a cruise, are actually at home. David meets a strange girl at a gas station and asks her over to the house. She brings friends for Steve, who is still trying to win back Kelly. Brenda plans to spend the weekend with Dylan, but cannot remember the name of his hotel. She loses her wallet and spends the night in a linen closet. She finally makes it to the hotel, only to find Dylan hanging out with another girl. David’s grandparents give the teens advice about romance, and help Brenda and Dylan reconcile. Brandon befriends a young customer at the Peach Pit, but later catches him trying to steal cash. The boy eventually reveals that his family is homeless
Fame Is Where You Find It

24th Jan

Brandon happens to be rollerblading in the same park that a popular primetime television show is filming an episode. The producers seek him out as an emergency replacement for one of the extras. He hits it off with the star, Lydia Leeds, and is considered for a recurring role. However, Lydia is only using him to make her leading man/boyfriend jealous so that he will end his holdout. Brandon finds himself used and humiliated, especially when he discovers that the producers never really intended to make his character permanent - it was all a ploy to show their leading man he was replaceable and convince him to return to the show. 
Meanwhile, since Brandon is off dabbling in show business the Peach Pit finds its wait staff short. Brenda reluctantly steps in for him at the Peach Pit, annoyed that she has to wait tables while Brandon is off living the life of the rich and famous. She is in over her head until she adopts the persona of Laverne, a sassy, gum-chomping waitress. She quickly charms all of the customers with her wisecracks and lip-synch routines.

Stand (Up) and Deliver

31st Jan

Brandon campaigns his way into becoming class Vice President and Brenda

moves out on her own. Brenda is tired of the high school scene and longs for a taste of the real world. She decides to take her high school equivalency test and moves out of the house, but after an experience housesitting for an older friend, she gets a dose of reality and returns home and to West Beverly High. Brandon’s campaign for Vice President of the junior class turns him into a shallow glad-hander willing to say anything for a vote, until Andrea helps set him straight.
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Season 4: 23*60

Sat, 1 PM 
The Pursuit of Unhappiness

3rd Jan

Elaine cheated on Mark and now she’s trying by all means to find a way for him to forgive her. She even takes advice from Richard! But in the end she has a serious talk with Mark and she tells him she cheated because he never fully trusted her. They break up. Meanwhile, Jackson is assigned to do the pre-nup for a rich, fat and bald man. Ally puts Larry to defend to soon-to-be wife’s interests, which leads into a more personal dissension between Larry and Jackson. And Ling takes the case of a man who’s being sued by his own son because a blood clot has left him perpetually happy which is ruining the family business.

The Obstacle Course

10th Jan

Cassandra surprises John when she suddenly shows up at the office. She wants to continue the relationship they started in LA, but John doesn’t want to go on seeing her, because they’re 3.000 miles away and he’s not completely over Melanie yet. Ally takes the case of a man who’s being sued because he didn’t reveal to his internet date that he was a dwarf. Larry is representing the woman suing, and the case ends up reflecting on their own relationship as Ally questions Larry if they would be together if she was 3 feet tall. Ling and Jackson take a case of a woman who’s suing her old boyfriend for interrupting her wedding ceremony. Jackson reveals his true feelings towards Ling, who is confused and torn between him and Richard. Caught in the middle of this is Renée, who feels used by Jackson.

In Search of Barry White

17th Jan

John loses his ability to channel Barry White while going up against Larry in a case involving a man who wants to clone his late wife; Nelle hooks Elaine into on-line romance; Ling’s feelings for Jackson grow more intense.
Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade

24th Jan

Your browser may not support display of this image.Larry defends Sting when a man sues him for breaking up his marriage; a Streisand impersonator sues over his nose job; Richard flirts with Cindy Margolis to make Ling jealous.

Queen Bee

31st Jan

Sydney Gale hires Cage & Fish to represent her in court. She’s been sued for wrongful termination, and Richard and John take the case. An employee is suing Sydney because he doesn’t want to ’serve’ her anymore. In her firm, she only hires men who desire her, and thus make the company a lot like a beehive and Sydney their queen. John and Richard are driven crazy with lust, but they win the case. Meanwhile, Reverend Mark Newman is once again having problems concerning Lisa Knowles’s performance at church. Now she’s musically attacking Rev. Mark’s new girlfriend, who’s also a member of the choir. After Jackson’s strategy fails, it’s in Nelle’s hand to fix the situation.
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Season 3: 24*60’

Sat, 12 PM 

Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man

3rd Jan

Frohike pieces together and recites to Mulder and Scully what could be the possible life story of the Cigarette Smoking Man; from a young captain in the US Army recruited to assassinate President Kennedy, to becoming the mysterious man in the shadows at the height of a global conspiracy. What measures will the CSM take to ensure that he remains a mystery forever?

Tunguska (1)

10th Jan

A rock sample taken from Mars is intercepted at an airport and infects a security officer with the Black Cancer, while Mulder is given a tip about potentially dangerous paramilitary operations but is doubtful when the informant turns out to be Alex Krycek. Reluctantly, Mulder accepts Krycek’s help and tracks the rock to Russia where he discovers an elaborate test being performed by Russian scientists.

Terma (2)

17th Jan

While imprisoned in Russia and infected with the Black Cancer, Mulder learns that Krycek is working with the men responsible and everything has been a setup from the start, while Scully and Skinner are called to a suspicious Senate hearing where the only question is the whereabouts of Agent Mulder.
Your browser may not support display of this image.Paper Hearts

24th Jan

Mulder’s dreams help him in finding the body of a little girl which re-opens one of his old cases in the Violent Crimes Unit and leads him to believe the killer he captured had more victims and may have taken his sister many years before.

El Mundo Gira

31st Jan

When a deadly yellow rain falls in a migrant workers camp and kills a young woman, Agents Mulder and Scully come to investigate what happened. After questioning the family the agents learn that they believe a mythical creature is responsible for the death and before long Mulder and Scully are on the trail of a mythical beast known as the El Chupacabra. Mulder and Scully have to work out where the beast will go next before it can kill anyone else.


(RPT: Tue-Fri, 3 pm)


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is the full name of NBC’s The Tonight Show hosted by Jay Leno, debuting on May 25, 1992. The show takes over from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, after the retirement of Johnny Carson on May 22, 1992. Under Leno, the show has won four Emmy Awards and another forty-one nominations. The show is taped in Burbank, California, near Los Angeles.

On April 26, 1999, the show began broadcasting in 1080i HDTV, becoming the first American nightly talk show to be shot in high definition. The show is shot in 16:9 aspect ratio with a 4:3 center-cut for standard definition television sets. - SAMPURN

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