Smiley Suri Does A Cameo In Cousin Emraans Crook

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Actress Smiley Suri of Kalyug fame is going to make a special appearance in Emraan Hashmi starrer movie Crook, which is being directed by Mohit Suri. It is known to all that Smiley is Mohit’s sister and Emraan’s cousin, so this one might be doing for her brothers.

The movie is set to release on October 8. The character played by Smiley leads the story of the film, which is set in Australia. The story of the movie revolves around the much talked racism against the Indian students.

Speaking about her role, Smiley said that she has a short role, which is very significant to the story. However, she won’t be romancing Emraan as it would be incestuous, added Smiley, who was not in a mood disclose much about the story.

Smiley further said that she was convinced to play the role easily as Emraan also made a special appearance in her debut movie Kalyug. She said that Hashmi agreed in a moment to do the cameo in her film, which became a hit. The actress said that all the big names in Bollywood to Hollywood have done such cameos then why can’t she do the same? Smiley said that she has got a meaty role and is very happy to work with her two brothers in a socially relevant movie.

She further said that it is right that her brother considers her to be his lucky mascot. Smiley informed that she had assisted Mohit on his film Zeher, which became a huge hit so her brother owes it to her if Crook does well.

– Sampurn Wire

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