Will Smiths Nine-Year-Old Daughter Has A Golden Voice

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10, 2010 (Sampurn Wire):It seems that Talent runs high in the Smith family, father Will Smith and Son Jaden have already proven their singing and acting talents and now it is the turn of Willow Smith. Reports suggest that the rap Mogul Jay-Z was stunned when he heard the golden voice of Willow Smith.

Jay-Z has his own recording label, so when he heard the beautiful voice of Willow Smith singing ‘Whip My Hair’, he did not waste any time and signed the child prodigy for his record company. Jay-Z did not know that the song was sung by a nine-year-old and was dumbstruck when he was informed that Willow was Will Smith’s daughter.

Jay-Z said that he first met Willow in Japan and within five minutes he knew that the girl had the talent to become a superstar. Our guess is that when you are born in the Smith family, you are destined to be a superstar already.

Speaking on the Ryan Seacrest’s radio Show, Jay-Z exclaimed that Willow has the innocence of a nine-year-old but she is very focused about what she wants in her life. Jay-Z is very sure that Willow Smith is going to go places with her golden voice and she is bound to become a singing diva in her own right.

– Sampurn Wire

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