Komaram Puli gets into trouble

Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): The highly anticipated movie ‘Komaram Puli’ by Pawan Kalyan was expected to have its theatrical release on September 9, but the date is still under a lot of speculation. According to some rumors the movie has been delayed due to high budget.

Kalyan’s movie is facing issues with the release date, because it has managed to get only 30 crores out of its 50 crore budget. The buzz around the film industry suggests that the producer Singanamala Ramesh does not want to finance the movie by selling his house and property. The movie has gone over-budget by a whopping amount of 20crore rupees. Another producer Allu Arvind bought the movie for 30crore and he is also not eager to pay the deficit of 20crore. The high budget of the movie is the only reason for its release to be postponed.

Latest news suggests that the Andhra Pradesh Government has decided to hike the ticket prices for all movie halls within the state. This might be good news for Komaram Puli as that might allow the producers to make some profit out of the film after all. Let us hope that the movie opens to packed theaters and the audience like it, or else the producers will be in big trouble.

– Sampurn Wire

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