Mahesh Babu Khaleja Movie Review

By Jayita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, October 7, 2010

79c25ea71ba161efc915087b130949c24378ffb6HYDERABAD, INDIA ( — After the Audio release of Mahesh Babu Khaleja movie that was marked by his son Gautham and wife Namrata Shirodkar, the movie itself hit the silver screen today.

Khaleja, directed by Trivikram is expected to get a tough competition from Rajnikanth’s mega budget movie Endhiran aka Robot aka Robo.

In Khaleja movie Mahesh babu and Anushka appear in the lead role. Mahesh plays the role of a taxi driver, who belongs to a middle class family. His family cares little for others.

Suddenly, Mahesh has to visit Rajasthan to hand over the insurance amount to the bereaved family of his friend, who dies in an accident. There he meets beautiful Anushka and eventually falls in love with her.

But in the golden deserts of Rajasthan the hero gets involved in local problems. He finds that the people of this area are into deep trouble due to brutality of the villain Prakash Raj. Continuous murders and assassinations take place there.

Like all other movies, the hero take the responsibilities to end the era of Prakash Raj.

Khaleja movie is good but not extraordinary. It seems its been inspired by some old masala movies. You can watch the movie for Mahesh Babu as he rocks throughout the movie.

We hope Khaleja do well in the box office. Are you geared up to watch the movie? Go to your nearest theater and enjoy the movie. Dont forget to share your experience with us.

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