Hawke Regrets Messing Up Redford Audition

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Actor ETHAN HAWKE will always regret the day he botched an audition for a ROBERT REDFORD movie, because he was desperate to work with his “hero”.

The Training Day star reveals he once tried out for a role in one of the legendary actor’s directorial projects.
Hawke refuses to name the title of the movie, but admits an unlucky case of miscommunication and his severe nerves cost him the job.

He says, “I once auditioned for Robert Redford, a hero of mine, and I wanted this part so bad, I had this whole speech I had to remember and I was so nervous. I go in, and he knew my name.

“He asked me if I would read for him. I said I would be happy to, but that I was so incredibly nervous at that moment that I thought I might be sick.

“(I said) ‘Would it be alright if I came back?’ He said, ‘Sure, please do’, and I thought, ‘I just need five minutes to pull myself together’, but then his assistant said I could come back the next day.

“I had a whole ‘nother 24 hours of staying up all night and worrying about this some more. That’s probably why I didn’t get the part.”

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