Kate Hudson’s sexy dress leaves son, 5, shocked

Sunday, December 13, 2009

LONDON - Actress Kate Hudson’s five-year-old son was shocked to see her in a sexy costume for new movie musical ‘Nine’.

The 30-year-old beauty was wearing a sparkling silver mini dress in one song and dance scene but her glamorous film look left young Ryder shocked when he paid his mum a visit on set.

“Ryder came to the set when I was doing my number and I remember him feeling (shocked),” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“He actually grabbed my face at one point when I took him up onstage when I was wearing all the (clothes) - to him, it must have looked like, ‘What is my mother doing? This is so embarrassing.’ He looked at my face and went, ‘Mum, everybody’s staring at you,’” she added.

However, the ‘Brides War’ star says she can sympathise with her son because she experienced the same shock whenever her actress-mother Goldie Hawn wore revealing dresses.

“I kinda understand what he was getting at. One time my mum came out wearing this little red dress. And I had that feeling like, ‘Everyone’s gonna be looking at you!’” she added. (ANI)

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