Briarhurst Manor: Finalist in Ghost Hunters Contest

By Jayita, Gaea News Network
Thursday, October 29, 2009

manorSan Francisco- Briarhurst Manor, an old and historic building of America is going to become famous as one of the most ghostly places in America.
Manitou’s Briarhurst Manor was built by Dr. William Bell and family in 1874. The first home burned down in 1886. Dr. Bell had the second home built out of stone in 1888.

The building will be featured for an entire show on the SCi-Fi Network’s “Ghost Hunters” Wednesday night, Oct. 28. Lets find out what the buzz is all about .

Briarhurst Manor, the haunted house claimed to have some fishy and unnatural stories associated with it. Its ghostly guests have made impressions on visitors for decades. The ghostly visitations reported on the property include visitations, shadows, sounds, and objects moving across the room. Vases fly across the room, silverware spins on plates and things that are invisible grab people.
Sometimes ghostly children are heard playing. Sign of little tiny footprints through the locked door and down the hall where Bell’s children used to sleep are also reported.The master bedroom is told as the most favorite place of the notorious ghost. Spirits come to revisit the joy once they had.

Welcome to the Briarhurst Manor. Come in if you dare

, say Erik and Tammila Wright, the manor’s directors of Historic and Paranormal Research.

Are you shivering? Isn’t it ghostly?
But what is real is that Briarhurst Manor is now a full service restaurant. It is also rented for wedding ceremony. The menus includes domestic and game meats, seafood, pastas and specialty salads. Entrees start at $13. Briarhurst Manor is also for sale. Last year it was on a sale for $7 million but this time price declined at $3.9 million. So what we can conclude is even ghosts can’t break the down turn of the real estate market.

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