Michael Jackson: Life, Death and Music

By pratima, Gaea News Network
Saturday, June 27, 2009

michael_jackson_life_death_musicThe most popular music and dance icon of the world Michael Jackson has died of a cardiac arrest. The fans are shattered and so are his contemporaries. His life gives us the story of the making of a star, surviving poverty and racial discrimination. Born in 1958 in Gary, Indiana he was the first black cultural icon who went on to conquer the world with his tunes and moves.

Jackson started his career as a child star with the Jackson 5 and became one of the most successful recording artists of all time. Released in 1982 the album ‘Thriller’ gave him this unmatched success as it sold fifty seven million copies and went on to become the best selling albums of all times. The follow-up albums were – ‘Bad’ in 1987 and ‘Dangerous’ in 1991- each selling twenty three million copies. His cult status is evident from the fact that his total album sale had exceeded one fifty five million copies by 2008.His popularity brought the long due acceptance of the black community to the world. His successful songs redefined the modern music videos and it was primarily due to their popularity across the world that forced MTV to show the black performers on television. This paved the way for the acceptance of rap and hip-hop as mainstream musical styles.

Michael Jackson brought his music alive with his popular dance moves. He performed them with great élan in the music videos and on the stage shows to the loud cheer of the audiences. Throughout his career he enjoyed a strong fan following who would go to any lengths to emulate their icon. He introduced a new level of mega stardom through his music, dance moves, clothes and massive live concert tours. This stardom elevated him to the level of Beatles and Elvis Presley.

He had always hogged the limelight for anything he did and scandals and allegations were also a part of his celebrity life. His marriages and eventual separation with Lisa Presley and former nurse Debby Rowe made headlines. Jackson was closely followed by the media for his eccentric lifestyle behind the gates of his fantasy childhood estate named Neverland. He was alleged of molesting a boy in 1993 and this case was followed up by a sensational ‘trial of the century’ ten years later. He was ultimately relieved of the charges but this caused great damage to his career and financial situation.

At the time of his death our beloved Michael Jackson (also known as Jacko) was preparing for a fifty run concert in London which was meant to be his comeback and would not secure his financial future but also send him to the top of the charts again.

Michael Jackson has left behind a staggering five hundred dollar million in debt, apparently due to his eccentric and extravagant lifestyle. However his properties and rights to Beatles music may very well cover that.

He was found unconscious in his rented Bel Air mansion and was rushed to the ULCA Medical Centre where he was found unresponsive and declared dead. He genius was payed the last tribute when a large crowd formed in front of the medical centre and his house playing his songs. Though this great icon ceases to be, his music will continue to live and inspire people for many generations to come.

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