Jackson 5

NEW YORK - After Michael Jackson's death last week, editors scrambled to turn the king of pop into the king of magazine covers.

LOS ANGELES - Some of the biggest stars on the planet turned back into gushing Michael Jackson fans at the BET Awards, donning single gloves, swapping stories about their idol and singing The King of Pop's standards.

LOS ANGELES - Janet Jackson has taken the stage at the BET Awards to speak on behalf of her grieving family and thank fans for their love and support.

LOS ANGELES - While BET celebrated the life of Michael Jackson the entertainer, Janet Jackson - in her first public appearance since her brother's shocking death - memorialized him as her beloved sibling and family member, eliciting tears as she vowed his memory would live forever.

DETROIT - Hundreds of people have come to the original home of Motown Records in Detroit for a candlelight vigil in memory of Michael Jackson.
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