Dr. Abigail Tyler from Nome, Alaska in The Fourth Kind

By Jayita, Gaea News Network
Saturday, November 7, 2009

4thkind1The Fourth Kind ,The creepy alien-abduction film releases today. It is about as real as the boogie man. Without all of its manipulated hocus-pocus, there’s not much substance to this mediocre alien abduction story. It’s a spectacular foil for Paranormal Activity,
The Fourth Kind is only mildly entertaining, more often for how ridiculous its characters act and how unbelievable its plot becomes, and it’s thoroughly insulting.

It’s very much about aliens, in fact. The premise is actually quite terrifying. Hundreds of unexplained disappearances in the desolate town of Nome, Alaska (a town that can only be reached by air travel). Shared visions, shared black-outs between residents of Nome, collective unconscious style. And when the audience, become privy to the “actual” abductions, well, they’re affecting.

Some of the case studies, in all their grainy video-glory, are pretty creepy. A slack-jawed Dr. Tyler settling back to her couch after being levitated by some other-worldly force. The film often goes to split-screen, showing what they claim is real footage of hypnosis sessions conducted by Dr. Abigail Tyler, side-by-side with dramatized footage starring Milla Jovovich as Abigail (aka “Abbey”).

Abigail has demons of her own she can’t get over the recent death of her husband, which she claims was a murder. So she undergoes hypnotism and tries to see the face of the killer, who stabs her husband in their own bed at night.

When one particularly distraught patient turns to violence, Abigail is automatically suspected by the town’s sheriff, played by Will Patton, because she has been hypnotizing the patients and getting explosive reactions.

So while trailer claims the film to be very exciting with full of paranormal activities, the movie fails to make an impact on audience mind. Though the definition of the movie’s title The Fourth Kind means alien abduction, it is not justified, according to the movie watcher.


Denny george
December 18, 2010: 9:48 pm

I liked all comments. Can video be faked this day in age, yes. In the universe which we know to be infinite, could there be life out there, yes. People who are quick to judge are the problem some people are just frightened to the face that this could be true and its human reaction to want to attack when were afraid. Lets not forget also that there are some very dimented and unstable people out there. All I know is, I believe in myes mind that aliens exist, there are millions of people who report experiences and sightings and those kinda number s would hold up in any court case. And in the end, to all people who read these postings, keep an open mind, do not be quick to judge for some day you may be on the receiving end. if there is a god, may he bless the human race and free us from corruption and give each of us the option to live how and wherever we want!

December 14, 2010: 3:49 pm

I just saw this movie and all I can say is that whether true or not, we can’t do anything about it. Our technology inhibits us, at least for now. Maybe someday we will have the ability to explore ourselves. Lets just hope we have reached a moral understanding by then so that we don’t do something like was portrayed in this movie.

Kyle Straightedge
October 9, 2010: 8:07 pm

To all of you who say Charlotte Milchard played the REAL Dr. Abigail, then your a complete idiot. If you do research, and look at the comparison, the difference between the actress and the person on the video is extreme. The real actress has a different hairline, and face shape. The one in the video footage also has a mole on her neck, which the real one doesn’t. This movie was mind blowing, and definitely opened a lot of peoples minds on that we are not alone. And haven’t been since the beginning of humanity and the ancient civilization of Sumer.

August 17, 2010: 12:54 pm

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July 30, 2010: 9:29 am

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July 27, 2010: 11:53 pm

Can I share only my opinion without anyone taking offense or agreeing with me? I watched this film/movie and I do believe it ocurred. However, I believe personally that this was a real demonic manifestation of evil spirits imitating the opposite effect of divine intervention. For example: The scroptures predict that the true believers in God, etc… will be caught up (abducted from the earth) or raptured to be forever citizens of heaven. The evil voice claims to be God…and that the little child or girl will never return to earth. I also think that this Psychiatrist got in over her head and should have sought a priest or pastor who is effective in exorcism. Demonic activity can appear to be angelic or divine in nature. But God sends good gifts to the earth. Itmanifests in three qualities” Love, Power, and a Sound mind. The expressions on the actual clients or patience was pure fear to the point of suicide and despair. Heaven or truth is opposite. If we play with fire, then we will get burned. A line was crossed between psychology, psychiatry, and religion. I hope that all of the individuals whom I believe were abducted, will seek spiritual help and deliverance from this kind of fear and assault on the mental state of mind. God bless all of the honest people for being brave to share their story. Never give up hope. because there is divine peace and recovery for the seeker. Read Psalms 23 , 91, and Isaian 26:3for recovery of your normal state of existence! A. Terrance

July 25, 2010: 3:56 pm

great movie! real or not there s life out there..millions of stars, and billions of galaxies…pretty much common sense to anyone who is able to understand this..

July 25, 2010: 3:50 pm

soif this is real or fake, it doesnt matter..how can anyone say alien life doesnt exsis?? thats just being nieve..there are millions of stars in a galaxy, and billions of galaxies..now your saying there is only one planet in all of that with life??? i mean come on…how come its okay to believe in a god and jesus etc, which have no proof and you know it use your common sense, but life in space besides earth is wrong…you people are in denial cause your scared that you bible teachings might not be 100% right…people believed in zues…wrong..people believed the earth was flat….wrong….you get where im going with this…there is nothing wrong with the thoughts of other life besides humans..its common sense more or less…to bad most humans are not smart enough to understand there is more at work than your sports games, tv dramas, your money, your corporations, and your organized religions….knowlegde is power and it is what i believe in…….

July 22, 2010: 10:10 pm

I just saw this movie and the guy who wrote this article is a fucking idiot just like Sarah Palin.Those guys are fuckin brainwashed idiota.The movie is good and acting is really good

July 18, 2010: 11:14 pm

Save the Spirit of the Prophet.
I think we know what that means…

July 18, 2010: 8:21 pm

I’m Brazilian,my name is ELAINE.DoctorAbigail Tyler believe you!They are Black Space and in our planet lived here The men unknown the true!I think that your daugther is life.I know that you are speaking the true I”m sorry!Our FATHER GOD bless you!I hope my message you read!

July 18, 2010: 7:07 am

um.. do i believe this film? yes. do i believe in aliens? yes. some people just need to wake up. you must a vary scared of anything like this happening to you if you dont believe there are aliens. they may not look like E.T. and they may not be lil green people, but they are out there and i’m almost positive that they have visited Earth more than once.

July 12, 2010: 2:39 pm

thank you very nice

July 6, 2010: 11:30 am

Echh… I realy disappinted when I read everything what You write…

But thanks for open my eyes…

And…I still think that, we are not alone in this world … ^_^

July 4, 2010: 8:12 am

Soooooo fake. Stupid Americans. Can’t even spell! Actress of “true” dr Tyler: Charlotte Milchard. Footage all fake. The viral failed in the end (except maybe in USA).

Could have been demons though, had it been true …

Bana Aşk Lazım
July 2, 2010: 5:46 pm

very nice content. Thanks…

July 1, 2010: 8:13 pm

i dont think this film is real but i do think theres sumthing out there, the producer wus clever enough to fake the film in a town where no 1 can get there unless they fly , this makes a perfect setting for a place where aliens would make abductions since the town is so icolated this straight away makes the story sound alot more real, i think the producer did his research on the town on how many dissaperances have happend and many fbi visits have been there an decided it wus a perfect place to fake a story and blame it all on alien abductions. there again cant be sure could be a real story but i dont think real footage.

Sen Eşittir Ben Demektir
July 1, 2010: 7:49 am

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June 30, 2010: 1:23 pm

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
June 29, 2010: 12:58 pm

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June 28, 2010: 7:01 pm

Doubtful that anyone will read this far down but a few things. (statement)Not scary at all unless your a four year old girl. (facts)To start go to the end why was the man from supposedly real footage alongside an actor. Sorta irrelevant but she stated knowing she was taking from scratch marks on the floor but when they flashed back under hypnosis she floated out of the room or was pulled couldn’t quite tell. Too much cross genre themes about like the attempted blending of camera footage, what I mean is the 333 and when they spoke in tongues. As another poster said was it an alien or a demon flick? Just watch the exorcist series so I don’t have to explain, throw some supernatural in there too. Um could say more but why just don’t watch.

athena walks
June 28, 2010: 5:29 pm

Does it REALLY matter if the movie is true or not? The fact remains that ufo sightings have been around since the BC’s. The shapes and movements all based on the same info.If one is truly interested to know more than search your local library for books that deal with unsolved mysteries of the unexplained.Read your BIBLE and research it in detail.Compare your findings and discover for yourself how it is all connected.

June 26, 2010: 6:45 pm

Enjoyable and unsettling film made all the more freaky by us gullible eejits getting sucked in by the use of ‘real-life’ footage. But….WAKE UP!!!! It’s NOT REAL!!! It’s only a Hollywood fiction.

Now aliens, they’re real alright. Saw one pop out of John Hurt’s chest. Spooky.

June 25, 2010: 6:55 am

This review is a joke. I’m a grown man in my 30’s and I’ve never seen a more scarier movie in my life. The authentic footage captured is amazing. I loaded all weapons before going to bed that’s how freaked out we were.

June 24, 2010: 10:18 am

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June 22, 2010: 9:52 pm

What a lame review. This usually happens from closed minded people though, nothing new. Its quite apparent that this kind of thing happens. Research the sumarians (spelling) and you will see that long before we were even thought about, they have depicted many Alien related things. Aliens have been around far longer than us. Amberr is 100% correct. The government will continue to cover this up for as long as they can, but that wont be forever. Do you really think we are alone? Look up the hubble space images, there are THOUSANDS of other galaxies out there. Our solar system in comparison to our galaxy is about as significant as a grain of sand. Our galaxy compared to the universe is not even that significant. If you really think in all that vast amount of space that we are the only ones then you really need to open your eyes.

June 22, 2010: 4:46 pm

i saw this film more than 4 times but still i dont know if i should beleive it or no. sometimes i think its real at the same time i think the director could play with the audio and video to make it look like real. anyway i enjoy the film.

June 21, 2010: 8:00 am

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