Thunderpant movie review

By admin, Gaea News Network
Friday, July 31, 2009

ThunderpantsThunderpant movie got the capability to top the list of the top awesome movies. To be frank and straight this movie starts and finishes with farting. The film is based on the story of a little boy who can use his superhuman farting ability.

Unbelievable? well, there are a total of (give or take) 51 farts(thanks to him who has taken all the trouble to count up those) in this movie, along with two prolong superhuman farts that can even challenge the super blow of the mighty superman. Our farting little hero delivered  those during the flying competition and for space liftoff,  each lasted over a minute or so.

However, experts advised to see the film with a open mind as it is not all about farting but it is actually  the funniest children movie which also have considerable amount of emotion and complexity.

And as an extra gain you will find great Rupert Grint from Harry Potter, as Alan A. Allen, a genius kid with no sense of smell.

Moreover, the Director of the film Peter Hewitt able to won a “Lucas” from the International Festival of Films for Children and Young People (Children’s Section)- which genuinely proves the class of the film.

See Rupert Grint in Thunderpants

That famous great fart

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