Tracy Morgan’s Sarah Palin Remarks Stirs Controversy

By Swatilekha Paul, Gaea News Network
Saturday, January 29, 2011

LOS ANGELES ( TNT hosts Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley’s attempt to keep the viewers entertained during Thursday night’s edition of “Inside the NBA” by drawing a comparison between Tina Fey and Sarah Palin miserably back-fired when comedian Tracy Morgan went on to call the Republican leader ‘good masturbation material.’ The ‘30 Rock’ star stopped by the Turner Network Television on Thursday and tried to settle a debate about who is better looking between Tina Fey and the ex-Alaska governor. To the utter shock of the hosts as well as the viewers, Tracy Morgan said, “Let me tell you something about Sarah Palin. She’s good masturbation material.”

Not only were the viewers completely taken aback by the rather lewd comments made by the noted comedian, hosts Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley were also left speechless as for few moments they did not know how to react to the remarks about the former vice-presidential nominee. However, co-host Ernie Johnson soon went into damage control mode and attempted to bring the rather awkward situation on the show under control by biding adieu to the comedy artist and saying, “I want to thank Tracy Morgan for stopping by.” Since the episode has been aired, supporters of Sarah Palin have lodged their complaints against the offensive remarks, making sure that the network issues an apology in this regard.

Late on Thursday night, the TNT network officials cleared itself from the controversy by releasing a statement regarding the lewd remarks about Sarah Palin. The statement read, “It’s unfortunate Tracy Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments.”

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