Sankranti Celebration: Bollywood Way

By Arnab Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Friday, January 14, 2011

MUMBAI, INDIA ( While the whole country is gearing up to celebrate the festive occasion of Sankranti with a number of rituals and programs, along with yummy traditional food, Bollywood stars have plans up their sleeves to have a blast during this occasion. Ace actress Kangana Ranaut has no respite from her work but she has her own plans to celebrate Sankranti. She said in an interview recently that she misses the Lohri celebrations she experienced in her teen years at home. The ‘Woh Lamhe’ actress recalled how she used to enjoy the festive occasion with her buddies and used to spent time in activities like dancing to folk songs, setting up bonfire and gorging on yummy sweets. She also recalled how she enjoyed the occasion with the elderly people as well as youngsters.

In Mumbai, people fly kites on Sankranti and the actress said it was something she was not acquainted with in her young years since she used to live in a hilly region. However, she found the practice quite interesting. Actress Kangana Ranaut further said that she will have to shoot on Sankranti and it is not going to be a holiday for her. However, she will talk to her family over phone and gorge on her favorite til laddoos.

While actress Kangana Ranaut will work on Sankranti, Sonam Kapoor has taken an initiative to save birds from being hit and entangled by kites on the day. The actress has asked kids not to use manja coated with glass which kills a lot of birds each year. She also sent a lot of kites to her school which are safe for the birds.

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