“A Charlie Brown Christmas” Airs Tonight

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Charlie Brown Christmas

LOS ANGELES (GaeaTimes.com)- Its good news for all you people who have been eagerly awaiting for the arrival of the Peanut gang. The gang will be featuring themselves on the television screen tonight. All thanks to ABC who will air “A Charlie Brown Christmas” on December 7 at 8 pm. With the onset of the festive season how can the Peanut gang stay aloof from us. After all they are the ones who reflect the true spirit of Christmas.

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” has almost come to end of the half of a century. This shows how much Snoopy and his friends are loved by all. Christmas is not much far away and so will “A Charlie Brown Christmas” make their arrival only with a few hours to go by. watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has almost become a ritual for the Americans. How can anyone miss out Snoopy and gang on the eve of Christmas? This week marks the 45th anniversary of “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. It was exactly 45 years back in 1965 when on the 9th of December when “A Charlie Brown Christmas” showed up for the first time. The classic Christmas series is based on the animation strip of Peanuts created by Charles M. Schulz. Under the direction of Bill Melendez “A Charlie Brown Christmas” marked its television debut.

As soon as it was showcased it went on to become a big hit and as per the records acquired a viewer ship of almost 45 percent. It then went on to win good reviews from many popular magazines. Since then it has come to rule the television screen during the holiday season as people consider it as a must watch. “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has even gone to receive the honors of getting the Emmy and Peabody Awards.

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