Nocedure-the better botox sans the telltale signs

Monday, November 29, 2010

SYDNEY - Botox, a popular way to keep the youth intact, seems to be fading away as an increasing number of men and women are ditching the face-freezing injections for a so-called ‘natural look.’

The ‘nocedure’ or ‘no trace’ anti-ageing treatments promise to wind back the clock without the telltale signs.

Late last year Dannii Minogue announced she was giving up her regular Botox jabs and her ‘plastic’ look so she could regain her natural facial expressions.

‘Nocedure’ is the Jet Peel-a high-tech machine blasts water and pure oxygen onto the skin at extremely high speeds.

Manufacturers have claimed the process hydrates and plumps the skin and in doing so tightens the face and reduces fine lines.

Ilesha Haywood, from the Paramedical Skin Clinic, such treatments can achieve similar results to Botox or dermal fillers without leaving the face unable to express emotions.

“We have a lot of celebrities who come into the clinic, including a lot of TV presenters, and the thing they like about this treatment is that they are getting the same results they’d get if they had Botox or dermal fillers but they don’t look like they’ve had any work done because they can still move their face,” the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Haywood as saying.

Jet Peel costs about 720 dollars a treatment, however Botox costs between 350 dollars and 400 dollars a treatment.

Helen Grimaldi, from Melbourne’s Reservoir, a devotee of the ‘nocedures’ said, “One of the things with Botox is that you can tell when someone’s had it,” she says. “With these treatments, no one knows.” (ANI)

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