I wasn’t in for a relationship, especially with Veena: Hrishant

Saturday, November 27, 2010

NEW DELHI - Pakistani actress Veena Malik may have been swooning over him in reality show “Bigg Boss 4″, but Indian model Hrishant Goswami says he had no intention to get into a relationship with anyone.

“I had made my stance very clear about this in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. I was not looking for a relationship at all. I have a career to focus on,” Hrishant told IANS on phone from Mumbai.

The young and dashing model, who was undoubtedly the most good-looking male contestant on “Bigg Boss 4″, was evicted out of the show Friday.

He insists Veena was often “misunderstood” and says she was a nice girl.

“I think it was nice that she was quite vocal about whatever she felt. She was honest and very sweet and I reciprocated that…but I was never in the mindframe of getting into a relationship, and especially with her,” said Hrishant.

The 25-year-old says he went through a “self-realisation process” while he was locked inside the house with other celebrities, without any communication with the outside world.

“There’s a lot that I learnt about myself. Things like that I do get carried away with what people say, and react rather aggressively at times. I need to tone all that down. I am also very strict about certain things. But I have realised that I need to be flexible in life. So, the self-realisation process was amazing,” he said.

All in all, Hrishant says he had a “blast” on the show, and is now hoping to get back to his social life in Mumbai.

He is hoping to bag some movie offers too.

“I am really hoping that this show has got me the kind of visibility that I haven’t been able to get over so many years. Everyone - from producers, directors, casting people…they watch ‘Bigg Boss’. So I am looking forward to a boost in my career now.”

Among the remaining contestants on “Bigg Boss 4″, Hrishant feels actor Ashmit Patel and former dacoit Seema Parihar will survive the longest, and will be the top two.

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