I’m ready to go back to ‘Bigg Boss’: Dolly Bindra

Friday, November 19, 2010

NEW DELHI - So what if actress Dolly Bindra was thrown out of Colors’ reality show “Bigg Boss 4″ for being a troublemaker? She is ready to go back to the show as she had a rocking time there.

“Oh yes! I will go back inside for sure if the channel asks me to. I have had a rocking time inside,” Dolly told IANS on phone from Mumbai.

As soon as the actress entered the “Bigg Boss” house, she spelt controversy. An argument a day seemed to be the staple in the house as she picked on personal issues of other housemates, especially actress Shweta Tiwari and Ashmit Patel.

In fact, she was asked to leave the show soon after an argument between her and actor Sameer Soni turned ugly. But Dolly says all the fights were justified.

“Since I entered midway, I had seen a few episodes of the show and had an idea of the scheming and plotting inside the house. I knew all those people who had put on an artificial behaviour, and I just went and spoke the truth. There was nothing wrong in that,” said Dolly, who abused and raised her voice many times on the show.

She feels that more than being a terror, she was responsible for putting the house in order.

“I took hold of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, there’s no doubt. Everything about cleaning and food was wrong. When I took charge of the kitchen, everyone was quite happy,” she said.

But she blames Shweta, Sara Khan, Ali Merchant and Manoj Tiwari for making life miserable for her on the show.

“They used to ill treat me, didn’t used to let me sleep. They troubled me, didn’t give me good food… These people make tall claims, but hardly do anything. When Shweta Tiwari claimed she would leave the show if Sameer Soni goes out, why didn’t she? They are all two-faced,” said Dolly.

She also believes she was right in digging into the past of her inmates.

“People who have done something wrong are the ones who feel scared. When I entered, Shweta was scared because she knew I am going to talk about our past and her reality. I believe in saying everything ‘khullam khulla’ (openly) and I am not scared of anybody,” she said.

Now she says “let bygones be bygones”.

“I didn’t seriously mean the threats I made to people in the house. They were momentary and I said things only in anger. I have no hard feelings against anyone.”

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