Veena is strange, Dolly unbearable: Aanchal Kumar

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NEW DELHI - Model Aanchal Kumar, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss 4 house Friday, now feels she is back to civilization. She revealed that actress Dolly Bindra and Pakistani contestant Veena Mallik, who are making headlines all over for their nasty acts, are the most unbearable and strange women she has ever met.

“Dolly’s behaviour is just simply unbearable, she is loud-mouthed, abusive and the most nasty object I have ever come across in my entire life. Only she would know whether she is such an individual in reality or is just that she is pretending to be in the house to grab all the attention. But in one word - she is just unbearable, Aanchal told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

“To live in the house in her presence is a challenge. The show lost its dignity the day she entered,” she added.

Aanchal said the on-going chemistry between Pakistani contestant Veena Mallik and actor Ashmit Patel has left the inmates also confused.

“The most difficult part has been to understand the multi-faced woman - Veena Mallik. She is such a fake character, nobody can understand whether what she is doing with the boys is her strategy or desperation. It has been very strange for me personally to understand her.”

Aanchal said “Bigg Boss 4″ has been a platform to test her patience.

“Being in the Bigg Boss house has been a real test of patience, with people of different temperaments and ways of living. It has been a difficult stay with people varying from loud to soft, to diplomats to genuine souls. I am proud to have survived such an atmosphere with head held high.”

Contrary to her friend and former contestant of the house Rahul Bhatt, she thinks the show is not scripted.

“I don’t think the show is scripted cause there is so much that happens which I don’t think can be all under certain guidelines,” she said.

She was all praise for Rahul.

“In Rahul I have found a friend for life. As we come from similar background and have a similar taste that is what clicked between the two of us to bond and gel well as friends.

Aanchal also said she is in awe of former dacoit and contestant Seema Parihar and Bhojpuri actor Manoj Tiwari.

“I would want Manoj-ji or Seema-ji to win this big fat race because these two people are the ones I respect the most in the house. They are what they are right on the face. Which is what makes me like them apart from the others.

“To add to the list would be ‘The Great Khali’- Khali-ji has been a treat to have stayed with. I must share that his is an entry that had made me scared till death - I was shivering and trembling when he had entered but his huge build is a complete opposite to his inner self.”

“Khali-ji is one of the most calm person in the entire Bigg Boss house. He doen’t care what politics is going on, what people are fighting on. He is doing very well in the show. And I must say he is very intelligent person,” she said.

“Bigg Boss 4″, being shot at a house in Lonavala, started Oct 3 with 13 contestants in a house without any communication with the outside world. The contestants are under constant camera surveillance. Ten contestants now remain on the show after three weeks. The show is being telecast on Colors channel.

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