Rituporno Ghosh speaks about acting

Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Rituporno Ghosh is on an all time high after winning 4 National Awards for his films this year. In a recent interview the director-actor got candid about his take on life and the city where he lives. Rituporno said that both his parents are painters and at one point of time he used to paint as well. Rituporno feels that being a director does not interfere with his passion for other creative pursuits like acting, scriptwriting and painting. The director does not want to be restricted to only one sphere of creativity and he feels that he has a lot to contribute to the world of art.

Speaking about his debut film as an actor, Rituporno said that he has put in his earnest efforts in Just another Love Story. Rituporno said that according to him Film Festivals should not be biased about every gay-themed movie that comes for the competition. The director feels that film festivals should have a different space beyond censorship and let the audience explore the films by themselves.

Rituporno informed us that due to some eye pressure problems, he cannot go to the Pusan Film Festival this year. The director claims that the city of Kolkata can neither ignore him nor handle him because he does not fit into any stereotype. The director confirmed that he has undergone abdominoplasty to reduce his waistline for Just Another Love Story and does not want to go in for a sex-change operation just yet. The director also informed us that the identity of a person is not gender based so he does not want to publicize his life.

– Sampurn Wire

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