Sex tape country singer Mindy McCready’s failed suicide attempt

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Melbourne, May 27 (ANI): Singer Mindy McCready, who released a sex tape, tried to kill herself by taking a near lethal dose of prescription pills, her mother has revealed.

In an interview with RadarOnline, a devastated Gayle McCready Inge even admitted covering up for her troubled 34-year-old daughter.

Inge said McCready, who remains in a Florida hospital, has admitted she attempted to take her own life with an amphetamine drug, used to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Inge said her daughter also admitted to taking Darvocet and another muscle relaxer.

McCready, 34, had earlier this month released a sex tape which detailed her affair with New York Yankees legend Roger Clemens and a new album, ‘I’m Still Here’.

“I asked Mindy how many pills did you take. She said maybe 25. I said that’s it, and that’s when I called emergency services,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Inge as saying.

“Mindy told emegency services that she absolutely didn’t care if she lost her life. My daughter is very, very sick,” she added.

However, there are conflicting reports whether or not McCready left a suicide note.

Inge said her daughter left a confession on her computer, but a search has so far failed to find it.

A Cape Coral Hospital spokeswoman said McCready remains in a “good condition” and is resting, after being admitted last night. (ANI)

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