Beyonce Suffers Swimsuit Malfunction In Hawaii

By Sayantika Ghosh, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HAWAII, ( No matter how hard they try, celebrities can’t help but join the infamous bandwagon of wardrobe malfunction.This time its pop diva Beyonce Knowles and her infamous swimsuit which earned her the name as Beyonce suffered swimsuit malfunction. Beyonce suffered a swimsuit malfunction as she was out on her spring break in the beaches of Hawaii. Quite accidentally, she flaunted her assets as her hair got caught in the wind and her top popped open to let the paparazzi on the beach have a closer view of her breasts.

Reportedly, Beyonce suffered the swimsuit malfunction when the singer’s husband was clicking her pictures as she rolled in the sand with her friends and family. Right after that Beyonce Knowles got her swimsuit straps in place and ran towards the sea for a quick dip to wash off the sand from her body. Beyonce Knowles who is on her way to record her fourth album in the studio was out on the Hawaii beach to snatch some time off from her busy schedule and enjoy with family and friends.

Beyonce suffering a swimsuit malfunction as her left strap halter-neck top fell apart. She wasn’t aware of the paparazzi who were there on the beach and who didn’t even wink for a second to capture the moment under their lens which is now making its way to all major tabloid and gossip columns. Beyonce Kowles who is always up to something new for all her fans shocked the audience with her appearance in the Coachella Festival where she joined her husband to perform a duet. No matter that Beyonce suffered swimsuit malfunction, she had a gala time on the beach where she was laughing and running with her friends and family.

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