Jay-z Upset With West Over Swift Protest

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

JAY-Z scolded KANYE WEST for his rude behaviour at this year’s (09) MTV Video Music Awards after the rapper stormed the stage and interrupted TAYLOR SWIFT’s acceptance speech.

The teenage country singer had just won her first VMA, for Best Female Video, when West grabbed the microphone from her and proclaimed Jay-Z’s wife Beyonce should have won.

The protest, at the 13 September (09) prizegiving, left Swift speechless and “rattled” and Beyonce, who was seated in the front row embarrassed.

Fellow celebrities jumped to Swift’s defence and launched scathing attacks on West - and Jay-Z reveals he was one of them.

He says, “I just think that that’s what he believed. I thought it was rude, I thought it was inappropriate and I told him as much.”

However, the Run This Town hitmaker admits he would have preferred to see his wife Beyonce pick up the award too.

Jay-Z adds, “I don’t think he was wrong.”
But the rap mogul is keen for the controversy to go away, insisting the backlash against his pal wasn’t justified.

He says, “The way they’re treating him… He’s on the cover of every paper. He didn’t kill anybody. No one got harmed. (He’s just) a super passionate person.”

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December 26, 2009: 12:50 pm

he made a dam fool of himself.she might had a good video off the one album but he is too late.when they name janet jackson an icon and gave her an award for that.they also got recognize for having the best videos of all times.they are diferent,fun and her dance steps are never the same.and she doesnt have to copy off of anyone like beyoncee.thats why she is the queen of pop and michael is the king.beyoncee has twenty years to catch up with janet.the queen doesnt copy off anyone.click on to beyoncee copies everybody.that mtv special where beyonce came out with some female dancers and they had on the long maxi coats the first minutes of her dance steps came from janet rhythm of nation.and her song crazy in love was copied off of the chi-lites.single ladies was copied off of the follies.she’s an entertainer.she claims she writes her own songs and different things she does in her videos and claim she is the only one to do them.look back some years like michael jackson angel in 89.j-lo and other stars she has copied off of.she takes other people hard original work that they did years ago and think nobody seen or heard of and still it.click on beyoncee is a liar.all she do is shake her ass with that fake booty pad and open her legs and wear body suits.and no not a hater or a fan.might as well watch the original singers and dance steps of the people she copied from.at least janet wardrobe and dance steps are good for little girls and teens to watch at least they can see you dont have to be half naked to get attention.

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