Police drummer Stewart Copeland calls Sting “f***ing toad”

Sunday, October 11, 2009

LONDON - Stewart Copeland from rock band ‘Police’ has revealed in his autobiography that the group’s comeback last year was unpleasant.

The drummer confesses in his book ‘Strange Things Happen’ that the members were unable to overcome the ego issues which had led to the split almost two decades ago.

In fact, in the book he calls frontman Sting a “f***ing toad” for complaining about his erratic drumming, reports the News of the World.

He says: “A little bell went off in my head, you f***ing toad. Do not even make eye contact with me.”

The band’s tour after reuniting had kicked off in Canada in 2007 but before the second concert in Italy, Copeland had angered bandmates Sting and guitarist Andy Summers by posting an internet blog slamming the show.

The book further reveals Copeland had gifted a tuba to the ‘Desert Rose’ singer on his birthday, but he threw it.

Copeland recalls in the tome: “Give me back my f***ing tuba.” “Can’t,” blasts Sting. “I trashed it.”

He further writes referring to Sting: “Well, I know that’s going to p*** him off,” he says. “And it does. His head twitches round to spit venom.” (ANI)

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February 17, 2010: 11:58 am

These quotes have been taken incredibly out of context. Yes, there was conflict on the tour, but not because these hate each other. Anyone who’s read the book would see that Copeland has the utmost respect for Sting and Summers. The blog was written in jest for a small audience who recognized it as such. His bandmates came to see it as that.

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