‘Ugly Betty’ actor arrested after ‘killing mum with Samurai sword’

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LONDON - Michael L Brea, who appeared in one episode of hit show ‘Ugly Betty’, has been arrested after he reportedly killed his mother with a samurai sword inside her New York home.

A SWAT team took the actor into custody after police spent 45 minutes trying to get into the apartment when neighbours reported hearing screaming from the home, reports the Daily Mail.

Brea had to eventually be tasered by police at the Brooklyn apartment where authorities said they were met with a ‘very bloody’ scene.

Police said they found Yannick Brea kneeling with fatal lacerations to her head in a blood-spattered bathroom.

Her son was in a nearby bedroom holding the three-foot sword and babbling about religion and repentance, police said.

A neighbour claimed the 31-year-old had taken his mother hostage and could be heard shouting passages from the Bible.

He claimed the actor had been shouting ‘repent. repent,’ before stabbing his 51-year-old mother with the sword.

There have been claims that woman was found decapitated.

“I heard this wild screaming”, said Gregory Clare who lived below the apartment where Yannick was brutally killed.

“Michael was yelling, ‘Repent, repent, sinner, sinner’, over and over again’. He was screaming, ‘You never accepted Jesus’. It was real loud.” Clare said.

Brea was apparently taken out of the Prospect Heights apartment on a stretcher and is currently at Kings County Hospital.

He will undergo a psychiatric assessment before police decide whether to charge him.

Brea is a Haitian-American actor who was also a dancer in film Step Up 3D.

Brea, who was described by neighbors as ‘quiet,’ was into martial arts and was a low-level Mason.

He apparently took the murder weapon from a Masonic lodge after a meeting on Monday night and then later used it on his mother, said the suspect’s uncle Martial Brea. (ANI)

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