“Paranormal Activity”: The Strange Story Of Micah Sloat And Katie Featherstone

By shantanu, Gaea News Network
Saturday, October 10, 2009

“Paranormal Activity”, a mocu-horror flick which bears a striking resemblance with the concept and the genre of the famous spine tingling horror flick “Blair Witch Project” has raised quite a buzz in the movie world for its clever construction and brilliant camera work. According to the sources, the film has gathered quite a considerable amount of attention from the horror movie buffs and has been a regular fixture at Tweeter’s trendy topics despite being played at a mere 33 theaters since its release on last Friday. The movie revolves around two central characters, MIcah Sloat and Katie Featherstone. Sources revealed that this week the movie will expand itself to 46 markets where it will be screened through out the day and night in as many as 176 theaters.

The movie opens up with an intriguing title, thereby thanking the fictional family of Micah Sloat and Katie Featherstone as well as the San Diego Police Department, giving the audience a clear indication that the “found footage” is bound to have paranormal activities stored in it. The plot of the story revolves around Micah and his girlfriend Katie who have been staying together for almost three years. The male protagonist gets hold of a video camera to shoot the paranormal activities that have been happening in his two storey building in San Diego. Weird activities have since been occupied Katie whose actual house was burned down when she was eight years old. Since then she has been haunted by a shadowy figure as nightmares plague her normal life. The movie picks up from this point.

The eerie movie which has been shot in the couple’s cookie-cutter dwelling is terrifying due to its unusual way of filming and plot. “Paranormal Activity” has the potential of becoming one of the best horror movies in this genre. The film has already gained a mass appeal.

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June 22, 2010: 7:16 am

This movie is nt so scaryy…`
i didnt get scared at all.`
1920 >parmor act
1920 is better than this

June 17, 2010: 3:10 am

i saw the movie and im wat 12 the movie is pretty cheesy if you ask me

May 28, 2010: 7:48 am

the movie like so real…..can make my heart stopped =p

May 5, 2010: 7:03 am

Wow! This movie was really scary.. Cant sleep.. The night i watched the movie I woke up sweaty from a nightmare.. If something like that would happen to me i would kill myself before it would try to kill me…. But im glad its just fiction..

April 23, 2010: 9:31 pm

I cood not sleep last nite I sleep at 4 in tha mornin n now I no it was fake but I still hate demons but I like ghosts still Im gonna watch wif my freind Rean n this time not gonna b a chikken lol but I betta not b scared cuz I no wat happens n my freind don’t hahahahahaahha

April 19, 2010: 2:11 pm

get the hell outta here that movies was soooooooooooooo crap nd even shit all the facts r true only the movies was a lie all the time………c ya

Chare Swart
March 31, 2010: 5:02 am

Oky seriously is this real? It scarred the crap out of me.

John Bodle
March 26, 2010: 11:54 am

That movie was CRAZY!!!!

March 24, 2010: 11:16 pm

very kool movie. luved it. At first, i thought it was real; the thanking at the beginning of the movie made it realistic. But when i got onto this website i found out dat it was fake. thank u anyway for relieving my fear and sleeplessness. but i wonder………. what did the demon look like? it never showed it self.

March 23, 2010: 11:47 pm

I saw this movie last night and I seriously crapped myself when dude threw dude at screen it freeked me.
The chick was pretty hot even soaked in blood, shed probably cut my nuts off though. THIS MOVIE WAS INSANE MY HOMIES.

March 19, 2010: 10:50 pm

OMG this movie is soooo scary, i got so scared that i started wanking my weiner. =)

March 11, 2010: 9:01 pm

it freaked me outt.
i can’t sLeep bu myseLf anymore.

March 2, 2010: 1:42 pm

I See Dead People!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 17, 2010: 12:39 pm

I didn’t realize that this type of event is a paranormal activity. I rememebr when I’m 9 yeasrs old and I habe this younger brother, about 6 years old, and he always sleep walk. His eyes is open though. And he always go outside the house and go our backyard where a big avocado tree stands. I used to lauchg him when he does that. My father always scold me for laughing my brother. My father had to tap my young brother’s forehead so he could be released from his sleep walk.

When I saw this movie, I remembered my brother. Whew!

This movie is a mind blowing!

fanatic chubby girL
February 17, 2010: 7:38 am

\omg/this movie is very scarrryyy!!!
every time i go to sleepppp… I wish that nothing will happen…huh…but when i’m in my sweetiest sleep i feel that its gonna happen… I wake up bec. i’m scaried…and go down stairs to drink water..and think funny moments to forget the movie…soooo see it..to feel what we feel…you feel very uncomfortable when u sleep//hhhuuuuuhhhh…gudluck…

February 15, 2010: 4:37 pm

me and my cousin seen this movie we watched it at home an we got so creeped out we couldn’t sleep for days. it was a very good movie an i thought it was based on a true story an it looked so real

February 9, 2010: 2:09 pm

this moviee was freakyy! but it was good. kindaa boring at in the beginning but it was great! she looked like a rag doll when she was pulled off her bed&&that shadow on the wall either had a hunchback or a big butt! lmao :D

February 9, 2010: 2:07 pm

the movie rocked at times even though the acting from Katie sucked there were parts where the movie was good. when her ass got dragged off the bed i was like oh shit shes getting killed. but the one thing i never got was what the hell did that thing want with her anyways.. i heard she got raped by it bt i never saw anything

February 6, 2010: 3:02 pm

guys i wana tell u somthng dis [paranorml thing has alredy is wid me wen i was a 18 yrs old i went to my frinds house whinch is near by my house it was cold evng,i was standing just to his door(he is havng a apple tree just front of his house which is scrary)i was der and shouting my neck out that hey come out and lets play the passng buy his neber told me tat dey are not at der home,i said to dem the light is on m cing it,den i called my frind agin,sundnly a compltly black shoawdow come in front of me.and he stood der,i was lil confuse cos i thouth tat he is my frinds father,lol so i told him can call manu(my frinds name)he dint revrt me back and just pass to another room,i stood up der widout knowng tat the thing i saw is a freaky gost,i called him agin2 aftr a min may be…..he sneek to the bath room door(he qwas havng tanspart door,and i was cng the bath room and from der he sneek at me…and i screem over derand ran to my own house,i was ill for 5 dayhs and aftr tat,for some time i dint went to his house,aftr a mooth i discuse dis whole shit wid my frien he comtly denyed tat he was not at home,at tat piont of time nor der parents,,,,,,,,,,guz wat he was a spirt tat i saw..belve it or not tat hapnn to me realy…….

February 6, 2010: 4:39 am

Omgg, me and 2 mates watched this, it’s so freaky!
when you get yourself all scared and your waiting for something bad to happen; nothing happens! just when you don’t expect anything you get the fright of your life, i know this film isent true but it captures all the little things that scare us - like things happening at night, doors moving by themselfs, breathing on your neck ect. I’m not planning on watching this again but people who have had witnessed paranormal activity will know what its like and people do die from unexplainable things. I’m gonna go and stop rambling. xD

February 6, 2010: 12:03 am

this movie scared me to death i watched it a secoind time with my little brothers lol. it is now my favorite movie!! thumbs up!! WATCH OUT KATIE MIGHT COME FOR YOU!!

February 3, 2010: 11:29 am


February 2, 2010: 9:54 pm

This movie is rated 10/10 The movie is just incredible, Yes there is ghost and demonds thats why we have religion, Paranormal Activity does exist although it wont be as exagerating as in the movie and yes people have died for unexplained things its usually do to not getting help when needed, I thought the movie was real and I did my research & its not real but if it isn’t real then how come the actors never got on T.V. in hollywood to present there movie ??? And how its possible for producers to use effect technology to make invincible footprints without strings attached ???

February 1, 2010: 3:42 pm

me and my big sissy watch this movie together i sreemed me butt off and about peed my self

January 29, 2010: 7:24 am

i m so scare, i like this movie i thought ghost is real but i see this film i beleave ghost, this film is very horrable, i say micha & katie so powerful humanbeing. i see this film 1/29/2010 12:00am.
thank u……………………………………(:-

January 11, 2010: 12:51 pm


January 10, 2010: 1:49 am

i thought this movie was great. i went into watching the dvd knowing what to expect but, it still scared the crap out of me. the part where kate is drug down the hallway kicking and screaming is scary s crap and the final set where he is thrown back into the room was great. i think in my option i have just seen the next movie to set the bar for horror movies to come.

January 5, 2010: 8:46 pm

well..ive seen the movie and it really scare the hell out of me…at first i thought it was just a pure conversation..blah..blah..blah..of katie and micah..but then as the movie moves to its peak ..goshh..its getting more scary..after watching the movie me and my friends are still thinking if this thing could really happen in reality..

January 2, 2010: 4:15 am

its not even scary . . just plays with your head wondering if any off this is real.

December 29, 2009: 3:38 pm

i thnk ths story is totally asshol ,,try guys nd u can make your own documentary more scary wd sm computer knwldge

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