Alicia Keys Sacrifices Digital Life
LOS ANGELES ( As the world mourns for the loss of precious souls on World AIDS Day, celebrities have come forward and joined hands to help people who are affected by the disease.
Soul Train Awards 2010: The Winners
LOS ANGELES ( BET broadcast the Soul Train Awards 2010 this Sunday and it looks like Alicia Keys stole the limelight in this ceremony as well.
American Music Award : Justin Bieber Sweeps Away 4 Titles
LOS ANGELES ( -- Although it might be his first time at the American Music Award, Justin Bieber made his mark by sweeping away four awards, including Artist of the Year.
American Music Awards: The Red Carpet
LOS ANGELES ( While many will remember this year's American Music Awards for the stellar performances and award sweeps by the young talents, the highlight of the evening for the fashion conscious was the red carpet.
Usher wants to duet with Winehouse
LONDON - Hip-hop star Usher is eyeing a quirky new collaboration with singer Amy Winehouse.
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