Is Jennifer Hudson pregnant?

By pratima, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is Jennifer Hudson pregnant? This was the question that many of us had in our heads. Jennifer Hudson has never confirmed her pregnancy, But after seeing her perform beautifully at the Michael Jackson Memorial “Will You Be There” from the 1993 Dangerous album, singer and actress Jennifer Hudson revealed her baby bump. Or, Is Usher getting a little hands?

Take a look at these Jennifer Hudson pictures taken before the Michael Jackson memorial at the Staples Center today. The answer to this question “Is Jennifer Hudson Pregnant?” is I think so!
Jennifer Hudson at Michael Jackson memorial service

Jennifer Hudson Performing at Michael Jackson memorial service

A friend did confirm that the singer is expecting a baby with boyfriend David Otunga after the Chicago papers reported the baby shower last month. She’s believed to be about eight months pregnant now.

Hudson, who broke up with her pre-fame boyfriend in 2007, has been dating Otunga. David Otunga is a lawyer-turned-WWE wrestler (and former reality show contestant) since last year.

Here is the video of Jennifer Hudson performing at the Michael Jackson Memorial

It was shown today that Jennifer Hudson is pregnant, although she has yet to confirm but the pictures obviously show that she is expecting. Congrats!


July 11, 2009: 3:55 am

we love you michel thank you you too jennifer

kristi luv
July 8, 2009: 3:44 pm

Who the hell would ask a dumbass question like that. Of course she’s pregnant, don’t you watch E!News!? And besides, she wasn’t that fat before so can’t ya tell? Duh!

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