Michelle Rodriguez

Jessica Alba Drools over Rodriguez
September 4, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Hollywood hottie Jessica Alba is obsessed with her ‘MAChete’ co-star Michelle Rodriguez’s body.
Alpha-male movie star becoming extinct in Hollywood: Experts
WASHINGTON - Actress Michelle Rodriguez's comment that the masculine, alpha-male movie star is becoming extinct in Hollywood, has some pop culture experts agreeing with her.
‘Machete’   reminds  me  of  Obama’s  election,  says   Michelle Rodriguez
NEW YORK - Actress Michelle Rodriguez has said that she signed her latest film "Machete" because she felt the film was a symbol of hope like President Barack Obama's election.
Michelle Rodriguez bored of film remakes
LONDON - Actress Michelle Rodriguez has revealed that she's bored of seeing remakes and 1980s revivals hit cinemas.
Roderiguez bored of movie remakes
LONDON - Actress Michelle Rodriguez is urging Hollywood bosses to come up with some new ideas because she is bored of seeing remakes.
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