Hilary Swank wasn’t allowed to play with other kids as a poor child

Thursday, December 16, 2010

MELBOURNE - Hilary Swank, whose worth may now be 40-million dollars, was not allowed to play with other children when she was a kid as she belonged to a poor family.

The Oscar-winning actress revealed that she was isolated from other kids in her neighborhood because other parents didn’t like the fact she lived in a trailer park.

“I had a roof over my head and my mom worked hard to make sure there was food on the table, but the parents of the neighborhood kids wouldn’t let them play with me. They would tell them, ‘It’s time to come in’ if they were with me, or if I was at their houses, it would be, ‘Hilary you need to leave’, ” the Daily Telegraph quoted Swank as saying.

She said she didn’t understand the prejudice some people held about her living arrangement when she was younger.

“I didn’t understand because I didn’t know there was this kind of stereotype about people who live in trailer parks and I look back now at those parents who were in their mid-30s - the age I am now- and I think, ‘How could you do that to a child?’ said the ‘Million Dollar Baby’ star.

The 36-year-old beauty doesn’t regret her past because it means she doesn’t rely on material possessions.

“I do drive a nice car, but that doesn’t make me who I am. I don’t need those things to feel complete, or feel like I belong.

People ask me if I would change my past if I could and I never would, because it made me so grateful for what I have today,” she added. (ANI)

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