Is Hilary Swank eyeing third Oscar?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

WASHINGTON - Hillary Swank seems to have set her sights on another Oscar with her new movie ‘Conviction’, which is based on a real story and is set to release in the midst of movie-award season.

Swank, who has two Oscars under her belt for roles in ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’ and ‘Million-Dollar Baby’, spoke about her upcoming flick during a special screening for the film hosted by the New York Film Society.

“The idea of even having an Academy Award is something I’m really grateful for and quite in awe of and humbled by. I just tell stories that challenge me as an actor and as a human being, and ‘Conviction’ was certainly that challenge,” CBS News quoted Hillary as saying.

Swank portrays Betty-Anne Waters, an unemployed single mother, who spent 18 years earning a law degree to defend her brother, who was wrongly convicted of murder.

The real life Betty-Anne Waters were also in attendance at the screening.

While audiences may be drawn to the film by Swank’s performance, the filmmakers hope that viewers will be stunned and even alter their personal convictions about those who are actually innocent or guilty. (ANI)

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