Tinie says he loves Dolly Parton’s ‘massive boobs’

Monday, November 22, 2010

LONDON - Tinie Tempah is worried that he has lost the chance to work with his musical hero - Dolly Parton.

The rapper had the country star’s tunes pumped into his ears by his mum growing up in south London.

“Dolly really isn’t that bad to look at. She is such a MILF,” the Sun quoted Tinie as saying.

“I guess my mum made me comfortable of the fact that Dolly was a very voluptuous woman. My mum was always very vocal about that.

“I love everything about Dolly Parton. She has got massive boobs,” he said.

Tinie says his mum went on about the singer so much, it felt like she was part of the family. But he admits if he did get the chance to pull her, he’d still grab it with both hands.

“She almost became an indirect auntie of mine, which makes it creepy that I’d be willing to go there,” he said.

“It really didn’t start as a lustful sort of thing. I love her voice and also she’s a great songwriter. I’d jump at a chance to work with her but now I have probably scared her away forever,” he added. (ANI)

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