Charlie Sheen To Be Sued?

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Sunday, October 31, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( Capri Anderson a.k.a. Christina Walsh has decided to file a lawsuit against Charlie Sheen claiming that she was petrified in the hotel and felt that her life was in danger during his hotel rampage. The porn star previously said that Charlie Sheen was under cocaine influence when he lost his purse and he trashed around the whole suite looking for his purse and later accused her of stealing it. However, Charlie Sheen and his representative are still tight lipped about the whole tawdry affair.

In her interview, Capri Anderson said that Charlie Sheen threatened and kept her inside the New York’s Plaza Hotel suite against her will. However, the law enforcement officials have reported that there is currently no report to file charges against Charlie Sheen. On the other hand Capri Anderson reported that she locked herself in the bathroom and informed the security for rescue. Some gossip sources have claimed that police found Charlie Sheen half naked in the bath room as he was trying to seduce the porn star and have also found him snorting cocaine

Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital last week when police received a 911 call. The law enforcement officials said that the “Wall Street” actor was emotionally disturbed when police saw him. However, later his representative denied media claims and said that the actor had “allergic” reactions to some medicines and hence was hospitalized. Stan Rodenfield, the spokesperson of Charlie Sheen said that all the media statements are “speculations”. The hotel authority also declined to comment anything regarding this incident but police said that they found his room trashed which included damage to the chandelier and the furniture.

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