Taylor Swift ‘takes aim at John Mayer in new song’

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LONDON - Singer Taylor Swift has reportedly targeted John Mayer in a new song ‘Dear John’, which indicates that the two enjoyed a brief romance that ended on a bad note.

The country star is known for writing about her love life in her tracks and had earlier blasted her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas through a song called ‘Forever’ and ‘Always’, who broke-up with her in a 30-second phone call.

Swift spent a lot of time with Mayer in 2009 as they worked on a song for his last album, ‘Battle Studies’ that sparked rumours of a romance between the two, even though neither of the stars confirmed the speculation.

But now, in the 20-year-old’s new record ‘Speak Now’, it seems Swift has finally opened up about her rumoured fling with 32-year-old Mayer, the Daily Star reports.

Swift’s reported lyrics of the song are, “Dear John / I see it all now that you’re gone / Don’t you think I was too young / To be messed with / The girl in the dress/ Cried the whole way home / I should’ve known.” (ANI)

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