Katie Price had sex with Alex Reid the first night they met

Friday, October 8, 2010

MELBOURNE - Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has revealed that she slept with her husband Alex Reid the first night they met.

The former model wed the cage-fighter early this year and was so attracted to the hunky sportsman that she had sex with him on their first meeting.

“I got it off him the first night. I’d been looking at pictures of him and texting him before that, though. Then I met Alex, slept with him and have stayed with him since. How could I resist the power of Alex?,” News.com.au quoted her as saying in her autobiography, ‘You Only Live Once.’

Jordan is now planning to start a family with Alex.

“All Alex wants is to be good at what he does, have a family and settle down. I’ve always said I want a big family. I can be myself 100 per cent with Alex,” she said.

Katie, who is stuck in a severe courts battle with ex peter Andre, is so determined to make her current relationship work, she is treating it differently to her previous romances in a bid to keep their union equal.

“I said to Alex, forget my house, we should buy a house together. I’m going to downsize so we can both afford it. Whatever we earn together will go in one pot and everything will be paid out of that. I’ve never done that with a guy. Alex is perfect in every way,” she concluded. (ANI)

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