Van Morrison’s alleged love child’s mum may be his tour manager

Monday, January 4, 2010

LONDON - The mother of Van Morrison’s alleged love-child may be his tour manager.

Gigi Lee, 42, who is also a director of 14 of Van Morrison’s production companies, had apparently revealed the baby’s paternity in an email to Carla Higdon last year.

“I haven’t seen the baby since he was born. But I went with Gigi when she had a sonogram and it was labelled with her name and Van’s and she said, ‘He looks just like his daddy,’” the Mirror quoted Hingdon as saying.

Higdon alleges Morrison started the affair with the Texan more than four years ago.

Lee even broke up with her roadie boyfriend during the period.

Higdon added: “He didn’t realise she had developed a crush on Van. There was no question about it from the way she talked.

“I’ve only ever spoken to Van once. He called the house where she was living and I picked it up and he said, ‘Gigi, it’s Van!’ and I said, ‘Hold on.’ She’d tell her boyfriend she was going to Ireland to hook up with ‘Marina’, but that was a codeword for Van.

“She was constantly travelling to London or wherever he was.”

However, Gigi has refused to comment.

She said “I really don’t have a comment now. Not yet. I will do.”

Lee has named the week-old boy George Ivan Morrison III.

Meanwhile, Morrison has denied all reports connected to the issue. (ANI)

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