If a man can afford me, I will marry him: Sushmita (Film Snippets)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

NEW DELHI - She’s been linked to a string of men in the past including Randeep Hooda and Mudassar Aziz, but 33-year-old actress Sushmita Sen says she has no plans to settle down until a man can “afford” her.

“If a man can afford me, I’ll definitely do that,” Sushmita told IANS.

The former beauty queen, who will be seen on screen after a long time in Big Pictures’ and Vashu Bhagnani’s co-production “Do Knot Disturb”, is otherwise content with her life.

“My life has been very good and exciting. I am making sure that I do only commercial films as I don’t want to waste time doing anything else other than what is saleable and what can give my audiences something to see after such a long wait of not seeing me as an actor,” she said.

Also starring funny man Govinda, Riteish Deshmukh and Lara Dutta, “Do Knot Disturb” is set to release Oct 2.


Making ‘Chase’ is a risk for me: Mundhra

Britain-based Indian filmmaker Jagmohan Mundhra, who is attempting an action thriller for the first time with “Chase”, says he is taking a big risk by making such a movie.

“It is quite possible that over the years people who have begun to like my films get disappointed since my films are mostly issue-based and there is no issue attached to ‘Chase’. On the other hand, those who don’t like my kind of films would think this will also be an issue-based film so why go and watch it.

“So there is a risk from both sides. But one has to take chances in life,” Mundhra said.

“Chase” is the debut film of television star Anuj Saxena. It also stars Udita Goswami.


David Dhawan calls Lara Dutta ‘Miss Perfect 58′

Director David Dhawan just can’t stop raving about beauty queen-turned-actress Lara Dutta for maintaining a weight of 58 kg since her debut in Bollywood with the 2003 movie “Andaaz”.

The director is so impressed that he calls her “Miss Perfect 58″.

“David calls Lara Perfect Miss 58 and is completely amazed how the actress has maintained 58 kilos for last six years. Lara has one of the best figures in the showbiz and is also an amazing actress,” said a source close to the unit.

Dhawan is extremely fond of Lara’s acting and comic timing. He was so impressed by her work in his 2007 hit “Partner” that he decided to cast her again for his forthcoming film “Do Knot Disturb”.

November 9, 2009: 2:15 pm

As I think I am finally moving ahead
I seem to get let down.
Right when I think my life is moving in the right direction
it suddenly turns around.
As soon as I feel like I finally have met someone with potential something always ends up going wrong.
As soon as I think something is making success, it ends up getting prolonged.

I finally meet someone who I want to commit myself to and give my heart and soul away,
But of course nothing ever seems to go my way.
I keep telling myself that everything will be okay
as I just live life day by day.

I have not felt like this in such a long time and it is amazing how things happen in the blink of an eye.
I never expected to view you in this bright of light,
but sometimes the best things are out of sight.

I just do not understand why things have to end the way they do.
One minute everything is perfect and then the next minute I`m asking myself “did I do something to you?”
I often times do not understand why situations end in the way they do.
I just hope that in the end everything works out for me and you.

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