David Dhawan to bring Salman, Govinda together

By Subhash K. Jha, IANS
Saturday, October 30, 2010

MUMBAI - David Dhawan has taken it upon himself to bring together Govinda and Salman Khan, both of whom reportedly are not on speaking terms any more.

David, their close associate, and who has done the maximum number of films with them, is now in the process of bringing them together for the sequel to “Partner”.

But stories about the real-life rift between the reel-life partners are taking a toll on David.

He is toying with the idea of hosting a party to celebrate the Salman-Govinda friendship.

And why just the Salman-Govinda friendship? It will be to celebrate the Salman-Govinda-David friendship. I get very disturbed when I hear about their so-called rift. Arrey yaar, both are far above such bickering. Look at Govinda’s track-record. He has been at the top for decades. As for Salman, with ‘Dabangg’ he has proved he is beyond all competition,” Dhawan says.

“I hate to see people talking about two of my closest friends in this negative way. So yes, a party celebrating Salman and Govinda’s friendship and my friendship with them seems a good idea, he adds.

The director also says he has his hands full in the coming months.

Says David: I’m committed to directing a film ‘Rascals’ for Sanjay Dutt Productions from next month. Dutt is one of my oldest and closest friends. The first film I directed had Sanju in it. Then, I’m committed to directing ‘Partner 2′ for Salman Khan and Govinda. So, yes, my career is devoted to friends.

Family, naturally, would have to look elsewhere. This is proven by the fact that his younger son Varun is making his debut in a Karan Johar film.

Says David: All I can tell you at the moment is that my elder son Rohit is directing his first film ‘Desi Boyz’ and my younger son Varun is going to be an actor. I’d have liked to launch both in their respective careers. But I am committed to making films with my friends.

“Rascals” will feature Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Dvgn and Kangna Ranaut. It will be a typical David Dhawan comedy.

Argues David: Why not? Why open the car bonnet to check the motor, when the vehicle is running just fine? When others are copying my style why should I move away from it?

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