Acting is easy, direction most satisfying: Filmmaker Lal

Saturday, June 27, 2009

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM - Multi-faceted Malayalam film personality Lal, who has just won the Kerala state best actor award, Saturday said that acting is the easiest part of filmmaking and production is the most lucrative, but directing a movie is the most satisfying.

The 50-year-old Lal won his first ever state award for the best actor for film “Thalappavu”. The awards were announced early this month here.

Lal began his career as an assistant to ace director Fazil. His streak of success started after teaming up with his childhood friend Siddique to direct “Ramjirao Speaking” in 1989.

Then came a series of block buster films from the duo after which he turned an independent producer in “Hitler” starring Mammootty that was the biggest grosser of 1996.

“Today my only prayer is that success should not get into my head. As far as I am concerned acting is the most easiest and for me it has no strain. But the most satisfying moments are when I direct a film and no doubt the most lucrative is when films you produce go on to be a hit,” Lal told reporters here.

Lal first donned the grease paint in 1996 when he played a villain’s role in director Jairaj’s film “Kaliaattom” and since then has acted in close to 50 films, mostly in Malayalam.

An accomplished scriptwriter, Lal said that said the job of a director becomes much easier when works with his own script.

“There is a considerable loss when the director visualizes a script by another person. I prefer to direct my own scripts,” added the filmmaker. Lal-directed “To Harihar Nagar” is now running to packed houses.

This film is a sequel to run-away hit “In Harihar Nagar” which the Siddique-Lal duo directed in 1990.

“At the moment, I do not visualize a scenario where we will direct a film together again. We are good friends but we are both busy with our own work,” said Lal.

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