Harrods owner plans Michael Jackson memorial statue

Saturday, June 27, 2009

LONDON - Harrods owner Mohamed al Fayed has said that a Michael Jackson memorial statue will be put up at the Knightsbridge store.

Fayed said: “I’m distraught, can’t believe this could happen, it’s a total shock. He was such a great character - a legend.

“I didn’t sleep last night. Some media were saying he was still alive but on the other side they were saying he was dead.”

He said Jackson once asked to have his own statue at the Harrods store in Knightsbridge, central London, which was “one of his favourite places”, reports The Scotsman.

“When I showed him around the store, he liked my statue,” Fayed said.

“He said: ‘can I have one alongside you?’ I said ‘I don’t mind’, so now I’m going to have a Michael Jackson memorial here,” he added

Fayed said he had already discussed plans with an artist for the memorial.

The Harrods owner also paid tribute to the “amazing performer”, and said: “I knew him very well. The last I saw him I was really worried about him but he didn’t listen to anybody.

“I liked his art, his gift, the way he could sing and dance - an amazing performer, his legacy will live on forever, there will never be a man like that again. He had a great gift.

“He enjoyed life and maybe he is up there watching us now.”(ANI)

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