Josh Blue: Creating Comedy Out Of Disability

By admin, Gaea News Network
Saturday, June 27, 2009

Josh BlueJosh Blue, soccer player turned comedian is also the winner of the reality show Last Comic Standing Season 4 which was aired in May and August 2006. Josh Blue has a disorder of the brain and in order to prove to the world, how disabled people can also make an impact, he participated in the show “Last Comic Standing”.

Josh Blue uses his unusual body movements arising due to his brain disorder while enacting in his shows. These unusual movements emanate form his brain disorder but surprisingly he uses them to make the audiences laugh and at the end tells them, “you’ll all be going to hell for laughing at me.” It would touch your heart to see a man laughing outrageously on his imbalances but at the same time his courage is noteworthy. His overnight success and popularity were a reward he got from his unusual jokes and courageous take on life.

There a few more shows in which Josh Blue would be appearing in. His tour schedule involves Comedy Central on 27th June, 17-19 July in The Improv in Miami, Florida, 24-26th July in The Improv in Tempe, Arizona, July 30th at Denver Colorado in a private event, and on July 31st in Rochester in a fund raising event.
Josh Blue drives the crowd mad with his jokes, is a capable individual, full of diversity and exuberance. His physical limitations did not stop him from conquering all odds; an indomitable spirit. Josh Bluee is a winner all the way and we simply adore him here.

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