Aerosmith keeping in touch with their younger generations through ‘Guitar Hero’

By Mesfin Fekadu, Gaea News Network
Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aerosmith keeping in touch with young fans

NEW YORK — Aerosmith may be nearly 40 years old, but the group is staying connected with younger audiences.

The band is teaming up with “Guitar Hero” for their new tour, and they say the video game has helped them keep in touch with a younger generation of music lovers.

“We have little kids coming up to us all the time asking us for this song and that song that they actually have no right asking about,” said Joe Perry, the group’s lead guitarist. “I mean, songs from records from 20, 30 years ago. It’s amazing.”

This is not the first time Aerosmith has linked up with “Guitar Hero.” Last year, “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith,” which followed the band’s career, was released.

For the tour, which kicked off this week, “Guitar Hero” fanatics can rock out with Aerosmith, and a few lucky ones will be able to open up for the band — playing the video on stage in front of thousands.

“We’re actually inviting some kids in the audience to come up and be the opening acts for us along with ZZ Top. They get a chance to come up to jam with Joe and Joe’s going to play with them and do what he does so well,” frontman Steven Tyler said.

The band is also planning on their 15th studio CD. Tyler’s recent battle with pneumonia and Perry’s knee infection put a halt to recording new music, but they’ll resume once the tour wraps in September.

Tyler said they hope to go “where no band has taken it before … When we come up with something that we just have this need to say and do, we’ll do it however we can and get the best producers.”

But more important than making new music, the band says touring is what’s kept them strong through the years.

“We happened to play a lot of live (shows), that’s what got us together and so far, that avenue of pleasure hasn’t been cut off from us and we’ll continue to keep doing it as long as it feels good,” Perry said.

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