Skinbook: Facebook For Nudes

By Ronee Roy, Gaea News Network
Saturday, May 29, 2010

LONDON ( The latest SNS to make the news is Skinbook. Founded by Karl Maddocks and Jessica Kennedy, Skinbook boasts of a clientele similar to Facebook with just one difference- they are sans clothes. The idea came across Karl Maddocks when he couldn’t communicate with his nudist friends through MySpace or Facebook.

The new SNS has all the features of Facebook that include groups, blogs, galleries and live chat. The co-creators have claimed that Skinbook is the numero uno SNS for nudist on the web. The member count which is 9000 at the moment has been selected after a screening process to eliminate chances of ‘voyeurs’ and creeps’ who might make it into a channel for porn. Around 10% of the applicants are allowed to become members. The guidelines include no pornographic pictures and headless torso shots.

The creators of the site have said that their motive was to create a space for nudist to communicate and also eradicate the look-god stigma from society. According to them not all members will be having a taut, tanned skin, enhanced breasts, sculpted butts and six pack abs. This will allow people to be themselves irrespective of their body’s imperfection. Around 800 members of Skinbook will get together in July to enjoy naked day spas, beach barbecue and engage in pub socializing in Brighton, UK. For applicants who couldn’t make it into Skinbook there is the Facebook page to stare at which already has more 2712 members. Female co-founder Jessica Kennedy has revealed that there will be total safety for the females who join the SNS. Any sexist or abusive behavior will not be tolerated, she added.

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