Egypt wonderful to get married in: Celina Jaitley

By Subhash K Jha, IANS
Saturday, January 8, 2011

MUMBAI - Celina Jaitley is ready to take the plunge with her Dubai-based beau Peter Haag. And she says she would love to get married in picturesque Egypt whenever she decides to tie the knot.

So the Celina-Peter wedding is being planned for the year-end in Egypt, for which she is a tourism ambassador. “They want to play host to my wedding. You know Naomi Campbell got married in Egypt. It’d be a wonderful wedding in that beautiful country,” Celina said.

But she is in no hurry.

“I want to give it a year. Right now, I’ve so many endorsements and movies. Peter is not comfortable with the media glare. I guess he will have to get used to it,” the former Miss India said.

Celina and Peter Haag, who is an Austrian by nationality, exchanged rings at a very private ceremony last year.

There were just my parents… no one else. Yes, Peter and I exchanged rings during Durga Puja. It was an auspicious time and we had my parents’ blessings. We don’t call it an engagement because that term is not auspicious in our family. My last engagement eight years ago didn’t work out. My parents said, ‘Just keep the matter quiet and decide to get married whenever you do’.

Celina’s brother Vikrant is getting married in March or April. First he will get married, then me, she said.

Peter has been working in Dubai for the last nine years in the hotel business and Celina says it was a “quirk of fate” that has united them.

By some quirk of fate I kept going to Dubai repeatedly for my work. That’s how we kept meeting. And then of course I started visiting Dubai for Peter. If I have the time I will spend it with the man I love. We have a house in Dubai now. Peter doesn’t want to visit India that often, she revealed.

Celina, who has acted in films like “Golmaal Returns” and “No Entry”, met Peter through her maternal uncle.

He’s my maama’s (uncle) best friend. My maama lives in Dubai and that’s how I met Peter. We’ve been dating for less than year now. I’m one person who has never gone for random relationships. Peter and I wanted to keep it quiet for as long as we were not sure of where the relationship was heading. I’ve become really superstitious… Now I’m certain Peter is the person, the actress said.

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