MJ employee testifies that Dr. Murray ordered him to remove evidence

Thursday, January 6, 2011

NEW YORK - An employee of Michael Jackson has testified that Dr. Conrad Murray asked him to collect medical vials and an intravenous bag in the singer’s room before calling 911.

Murray was caring for Jackson at the time of his death, and prosecutors want to establish that he was negligent in his treatment and tried to cover up his errors.

The testimony of Alberto Alvarez, who said he was the director of logistics for Jackson, comes on the second day of a hearing into whether Murray should stand trial for involuntary manslaughter in the sudden death of the “Thriller” singer in June 2009.

Members of Jackson’s family watched Alvarez testify that Murray called him and told him to rush to Jackson’s bedroom because the singer had “a bad reaction.”

“He (Murray) then grabbed a handful of bottles or vials and instructed me to put them in a bag,” the New York Daily News quoted Alvarez as saying.

Alvarez said Murray ordered him to take away an intravenous bag that had “a milky substance” inside, and put it with the other bottles in a plastic bag that was placed inside a canvas carrying case. (ANI)

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