Charlotte Church berates Tony Blair, George Bush

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LONDON - Welsh singer Charlotte Church has spoken out her thoughts about Tony Blair, George Bush, the Royal Variety Performance, The X Factor and even about herself.

Church, 24, who has hardly mellowed after 13 years in the spotlight, spoke about spending time with her two children.

“I’m a bit of a lazy b***h and just want to be with my babies most of the time,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

Church then revealed that when she was 14 she asked Blair why she had to pay 40 percent tax yet couldn’t vote, but he “just changed the subject”, and then years later he invited her to dinner at Chequers and insisted she sit next to him.

“Which I thought was a bit ****ing odd,” she said.

Church also dismissed the Royal Variety Performance despite appearing four times, and said she felt sorry for the Queen, who goes every other year but “probably doesn’t want to watch scantily clad dancers and s****y comedians”.

And she said she had met the Queen “about seven times and she never remembers me”, describing her as “an old woman” who “has no idea what’s going on”.

Speaking in the new issue of Esquire magazine, Church also admonished former U.S. President George W Bush, for not knowing where Wales is, after she sang at his Presidential inauguration in January 2001.

“I sang at his inauguration. After, he asked me where I was from. When I said, ‘Wales’ he replied: ‘What state is that in?’” she said.

“I was thinking ‘Surely you should at least know it’s not in your own country’,” she stated.

The star also attacked the X Factor, claiming the show does not have “any interest in true craftsmanship or skill”.

“That show doesn’t have any interest in true craftsmanship or skill - it’s all about your ass, and hopefully you can keep half a tune,” she said.

“I’d make a better judge than the others on that show because I know more about the technical side of singing than even Simon Cowell.

“But he wouldn’t be able to control me, so he’d never have me on,” she added. (ANI)

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