MJ’s ex bodyguard to have paternity test for Blanket

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LONDON - Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard, who claims he may be the dad of the singer’s youngest son, is planning to have a paternity test soon.

Martial arts expert Matt Fiddes, 31, revealed he was planning to take a DNA test in Los Angeles in two months.

And he will try to get access to eight-year-old Prince Michael II - known as Blanket - if the outcome goes in his favour.

Fiddes also may seek custody where mother of King of Pop, Katherine, 80, can no longer look after the boy.

Devon-based Fiddes claimed he donated sperm to Jackson nine years ago after the singer offered to pay for a specialist to help him have “athletic” children.

Fiddes also that British actor Mark Lester is also planning to take a DNA test.

He said Lester - who claims to have donated sperm to Jackson in the 1990s - wanted to prove he is the father of the star’s daughter Paris, 12.

The two men were said to have been “persuaded” by seeing the children on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

“We are going to have DNA tests. It breaks our heart watching the kids on TV.” The two used to see Jackson’s children regularly but claim to have been cut off since his death by Katherine,” the Sun quoted Fiddes as saying. (ANI)

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